Frankly for pillar 3a?

Hi everyone
anyone considering Frankly for their pilar 3a over VIAC? Not many details available yet but really interested about the cost/fees with it (they are marketing it being different)

some news/links:

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It’s too early to compare. We don’t know the cost and the ETFs available.
The price will be known at the launch of the app on 19th of march.

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It’s not released yet (coming out only in a month) but looking forward to trying it out next year

This year I have already been ripped off by VIAC paying almost 1% in FX/transactions costs.

The fund choice you’d be buying with ZKB is very limited however. Here’s basically the main fund of interest you’d be buying to max out stocks - Swisscanto 95 VT - 0.38% TER and ~30% CHF hedged (I’d guess equivalent to around 0.5-0.6% hedging cost)

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Plus 0.19% spread, 0.65% buying fee, 0.3% yearly custody fee (see here )
(edit: thats for zkb’s classic 3a offer though)

I’d be quite surprised if frankly ends up cheaper than Viac. ZKB already has a big base of private customers to market it to, so it doesn’t really need to use costs to stand out like Viac does. WIR has always been a business bank and doens’t have the same consumer marketing muscle. I do kind of expect is that ZKB will offer a lot of ETFs and the option of high stock components like Viac does. That alone would give it a wide appeal. But I might be surprised.

Great news - competition always helps to push something forward to the next level.

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People writing reviews before the product or its conditions are known?! :flushed:

Feels weird, as if guerilla marketing.

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That’s for existing ZKB 3a accounts. For frankly they promise a “radikal neues Preismodell” - yet to be seen what exactly, but probably much more competitive.

Not quite…, from that link:

Ausgabespesen: … 0.10% beim Swisscanto (CH) Vorsorge Fonds 95 Passiv VT
Rücknahmespesen: … 0.09% beim Swisscanto (CH) Vorsorge Fonds 95 Passiv VT

thats a total of 0.19% ‘spread’ in other words, and

Transaktionsgebühren: 0.65%

thats what I called 0.65% ‘buying fee’ (ok maybe a bit a misleading term, and I think they charge the same buying and selling actually)

Lets see… cheaper than their current it must be :slight_smile:

That’s fee (and which actually even goes to existing shareholders not ZKB), not spread. Spread is 0% - there is only one price published for each day.

And counting your way, VIAC spots >1.5% spreads

Again, this is for existing ZKB 3a accounts. We’ll see in a month their brand new radical price structure and whether they will crush the competition with it.

agree, a fee it is (with the same effect as a spread)

Not sure what point you’re trying to make. It is a fee…

I dont see a reason to look at it any other way. Worst case it is 1.5% at viac, indeed (for USD funds, but not for their SMI fund, there it’s an extremely low 0.02%). Again, not sure the point you’re trying to make

“Issue Fees in Favour of the Fund - 0.10%”, “Redempt. Fees in Fav. of the Fund - 0.09%” - fee is added to the fund’s capital mass and attributed to existing shareholders.

Unlike VIAC’s case where they and/or WIR fully pocket that 1.5% FX spread themselves as pure profit (it actually costs <0.00x% to trade FX at interbank level as you can enjoy it yourself at IBKR)

they’re probably referring to the fact that this covers the transaction cost the fund has when you buy/sell, wouldnt increase NAV. In Viac’s case this is covered by the fund’s spreads plus part of the 0.5% flat fee.

ZKB’s profit is part of the Transaktionsgebuehr of 0.65% (presumably twice, so 1.3%). But I agree, VIAC/WIR’s fx fees are even more of a steal.

Seems to have launched now.

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So 0.48 total TER but with a maximum of 95% stocks, so pretty much the same as VIAC if you are 100% stocks. I wonder what their FX rates are.

Yes but, as far as i understand it (95% equity fund): 1) active fund 2) a big part of ex-ch is ch-hedged.

95% invested is passive.

95% instead of 97% stocks will reduce longterm returns by 0.15%.

In fact, 95% is in equities, 2.5 % is real estate and 2.5% in commodities. The fund itself is fully invested. However, i don’t know how much money is invested each time in the fund.

Thank you, my bad. :wave:t3:

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