Finpension invest – a new robo-advisor for non-3a ETF investments

finpension will launch a robo-advisor solution for non-3a investments “soon”. According to what they told me via e-mail, they are currently waiting for a FINMA license to be granted.

Should be interesting. Up to now, TrueWealth was the only solution that combined free and 3a assets, but underusing Swiss pension funds IMO.


What do you mean with this?

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Approx. 75% of 3a money is invested in bog-standard ETFs domiciled in Ireland, not in Swiss pension funds (e.g. like this one).

From what I understand, it appears that investment opportunities are available even for those without active 3a accounts.

Interestingly, during a recent conversation with a representative from VIAC, I learned that my wife, who is currently not employed and does not have an active 3a account, will be eligible to invest through VIAC. They anticipate launching this option in autumn 2024.

It seems that both finpension and VIAC will be offering this service, expanding investment opportunities to a broader audience. A good news :slight_smile:

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It’s been “coming soon” for three months now… any updates, @finpension ?

Only really interesting if we can also use the pension funds with that, which I doubt. Else I expect only standard IE domiciled etfs.

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finpension has just received its FINMA-licence as an securities firm. This means that we will soon be able to launch the investment solution for private wealth. You can expect it in April.


I am sooo looking forward to it, since I can only imagine the potential as a Swiss version of Interactive Brokers!

Huh. I expect it to be a slightly cheaper, if at all, version of TrueWealth/Selma.


A Roboadvisor will be inherently expensive compared to self-management.


I don’t know how Selma works, but while True Wealth is flexible with regard to weights of each asset class and stocks region, you can’t choose what ETFs you want.

This is why I expect finpension’s solution to be more akin to their current 3a offering. Pre-made strategies and a custom strategy from a set of ETFs (kinda like findependent). So more flexibility and a cheaper price (0.3-0.4% p.a.) than True Wealth.

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Didn‘t read in the Finews article about robo-advisory only - but that they want to provide a solution for trading/holding securities and that Finpension is aiming for the banking licence in near future.

Obviously, either there is a USP or the prices are lower than the ones from the competitors.

Well, so far, according to my opinion, they have proved themselves clever. We’ll see.

Finpension is new but very famous amongst investors who like DIY style. I must say expectations for “invest” solution are high. But the expectations for the fees is to be low :slight_smile:

Good luck with the launch



Out of curiosity I was looking up FINMA’s list of authorised banks and securities firms to see whether finpension AG was already included on that list (or another entity with a “finpension”-moniker). Unfortunately, I wasn’t succesful.

Hence my question: Which legal entity specifically did receive a securities firm licence by FINMA?

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You think like us and question the things you are told. Stick with it.

Regarding your question. finpension AG has received the licence. However, we now have to amend the articles of association, which then has to be entered in the commercial register. Only then will we officially be a securities firm.


Only few days to go :slight_smile:
I am assuming it was April 2024

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Yes, they said April. Eagerly awaiting news, too.

12 more working days to go :slightly_smiling_face:

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All I care about is whether they’ll be able to attract enough new customers to finally lower their 3a and 2nd pillar fees.