FINMA allows Crypto fund for 3a by Finpension

According to Handelszeitung (; pay-wall) FINMA has allowed Finpension to include the Swiss «Crypto Market Index Fund» in the 3a asset allocation. Max is 5%.


well thats nice and unexpected.

The CMI10: Crypto Finance AG (

There is dogecoin into the index…

I’m asking myself to try Finpension for next year and setup a personal strategy with this crypto index fund, although I would prefered to open my last 3 accounts with VIAC.

you could just buy the following coins:

  • Bitcoin BTC
  • Ethereum ETH
  • Ripple XRP
  • Link LINK
  • BitcoinCash BCH
  • Cardano ADA
  • Polkadot DOT
  • Uniswap UNI
  • DogeCoin DOGE
  • Solana SOL

or use a bot that tracks those.
I think a lot of exchanges offer the option to api trade, or KuCoin has a Bot that you can use to allocate funds (and exclude doge, lol)

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I already buy BTC and ETH, and CHSB because I’m using the SwissBorg application. I’m just curious about this crypto index.

Why would you want to do that? Investments without capital earnings (dividends/interest) are not taxed as income, so you want to have those outside of 2nd/3rd pillar. Otherwise you’ll get taxed on those capital gains at the end when withdrawing it.


The VIAC chat confirmed that they are working on a crypto fund too

Probably you missed that this is about 3a, there you cannot just buy cryptos

I’m not sure if it makes any sense, but I buy BTC and ETH at Swissquote. It’s a small portion of my portfolio, so I haven’t spent a lot of time making it most cost-efficient.

I’m using Coinbase Pro, should be way cheaper.


i did not miss that, still i think its cheaper to do it yourself. Also since the allocation is only 5%…
I am still happy that i have the option tho.

Also do you think we see more and more the TOP 10 & top100 effect, when a coin reaches top 10 and gets added to those indexes it pushes the price up?

Interesting :thinking:

As I said, I’m just thinking of this opportunity and I find it interesting. I don’t know yet if I will do it or if I will continue to purchase crypto alone because it is less expensive indeed. For now, cryptocurrency only represent 4% of my portfolio, and I’m DCA a small amount into it every month.


for me this is a great sign that cryptos become more and more accepted and are taken seriously by financial institutions. Personally, I hold ETH and BTC directly in my coinbase pro account and would prefer my 3a to be fully invested into equities for the reason that @Cortana mentioned.


Or that they see opportunity to get a slice of the easy money, the house always wins :slight_smile:


Didn’t know this was new.
I already noticed it as an available fund in-app on monday but thought very little of it.

Well, it’s not as if fund issuers have never jumped on the bandwagon in packing worthless crap into shiny new packages (funds) to sell to unwary (often retail) investors, is it?

This is probably not the thread to discuss it (and we may have done so elsewhere), but IMO most of the crypto market is a pyramid scheme, fueled by cheap central bank money and (quarantine-bored) consumers. It’s essentially paying money for nothing - in the hope of selling it at a profit later.

I don’t doubt though that it may still a have long way to go. Maybe it‘ll even develop an everlasting allure for some, just as gold did.


Dogecoin in a pension fund portfolio… we are living in a simulation. The whole idea of Bitcoin was to avoid bankers and other middleman’s leeching of people’s money… Remember not your key, not your crypto.


I agree in a strong advocation to avoid crypto for long term investments. Too ponzi like, fuelled by speculation and complicated fee+tax situation to cash out keeping many as temporary hodlers.

Also reminder that 3a is most efficient for holding dividend paying investments since you avoid the ~40% marginal tax rate on extra income while working. Crypto is pure capital appreciation so might as well hold in taxable account if you are investing.


I do agree that the crypto market is full of exit scammers, pump&dumps, shitcoins and other crap - I do however believe that the big cryptos will become a respectable new asset class and will have it’s use as a store of value.


I see my viac as bond/safe part of the portfolio… so no thanks, unless it becomes part of global 100 :scream:

You had me at dogecoin.

Not only DOGE but the active management fee of that crypto fund is 1.61% :scream:

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