Finding ETFs on Degiro

Happy New Year everyone,

@_MP linked to a PDF containing a list of ETFs free of transaction fees on Degiro.

Unfortunately I’m having a hard time locating some of these ETFs. For example, no matter what search criteria I use, I simply cannot find the Vanguard Total World Stock Index Fund ETF (ISIN: US9220427424).

For those who have a Degiro account, are you able to find this particular ETF?


I do have this ETF, but unfortunately my search function also does not show it. If I try to buy it i get a statement: Product is closed for the client.

I found an older document which indicates that funds are closed on certain dates. Maybe it is due to the holidays. I will try again on Wednesday.

I’ve the same problem so i called the Degiro support and they told me that all ETF based on US Stock Exchange are not tradable any longer.
With my big surprise I told them that this is new to me and no information has been provided. Moreover, there’s a file on their website which is showing a long list of free-commission ETFs including all Vanguards.
Conclusions, I’ll be selling all my positions and close Degiro account and move it to somewhere else.

just make sure fees for selling and re-buying don’t exceed position transfer fees

Thanks for the advice Nugget.
All positions are currently positive and fees are considerably low for these selling operations.
Now the challenge is to understand which broker to target to continue my investments.

Incredible timing. I transferred CHF 15k to Degiro in recent weeks and then spent all of Saturday and Sunday reading through the entirety of this forum’s posts before deciding which funds to invest in. Fortunately the first fund I looked for on Monday was VT (thus leading to the creation of this post); therefore, I assume the changes potentially took effect on January 1st.

In the meantime I had sent an email to Degiro’s support. I don’t expect the response will be different than what was provided to @Cangarooo over the phone, but I’ll post it here nonetheless.

In light of this news, I will also be closing my Degiro account and opening with IB.

I have found this explanation on Reddit:

The real question is why Degiro does not broadcast more openly this situation and the reason for it.

@mondopiccolo: this partially explain why the ETF are not available on Degiro but it is not explaining why their feedback has been so arrogant.

BTW, any existing user of IB or CT or other Swiss brokers are aware if it’s possible to have US ETFs (especially Vanguard’s one) available?
If so, this will conflicting with what is on Reddit.

@Mustachioed: let me know if you get an answer.

I got this e-mail from IB:

Dear Client, You are receiving this notice as you maintain permissions to trade one or more markets impacted by the MiFID II directive through which the smallest permitted trading increment or, tick size, will be subject to a mandatory regime starting 2 January 2018.

Then comes a table with minimum liquidity values.

Do you have any chance to tell me if it’s possible to trade on Vanguard’s ETFs based on NASDAQ and N.ARCA?

I’ll try to buy something in the next few days and let you know (need to wait for a transfer to arrive).

I will ask Swissquote concerning this subject
The new law applies to European state members and countries in the European Economic Area and not to Switzerland. Normally, there would be no impact for retail investors based in Switzerland.

I work for a Swiss Financial Company and as far as I understand, MIFID II is really a mess. At the beginning it seems to only be for european countries. However since half of the clients of swiss financial companies are europeans, this companies have to be Mifid-compliant. Plus, it also concerns the custodian of the client.

Finally, the regulation has been finalized very late and every financial institution had a very unclear view of what to do by November 2017, let alone to implement it by January 3rd 2018.

So although stricto sensu this regulation does not apply in Switzerland, financial companies have agreed in a consensus to apply it as well in Switzerland, because if a client sue you and you are not MIFID II compliant, you can lose your banking license.

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I agree it’s a complete mess and nobody has the same understanding of the law. In fact, you have two new laws at the same time: MIFID II and PRIIPs.
In my understanding, a European client could sue a Swiss company if the Swiss company is not MIFID II compliant.
However, a Swiss customer cannot sue a Swiss company if they are not MIFID II compliant.

It works again. I have tried it with a limit order and a way too low limit because I’m waiting for a transaction to arrive. But there was no pop up this time which told me that the product is closed. So as soon as my money arrives I will try a real transaction.

That’s right. They have magically reappered.

After emailing Degiro back on Monday specifically about the VT fund, this afternoon I finally received the following response:

“European legislation requires issuers of derivatives and investment funds to provide investors with documentation. The goal of this documentation is to protect and inform investors. The products concerned, mostly foreign listed ETFs and derivatives, will no longer be available for purchase on our platform from 2 January 2018. This restriction applies until the correct documentation is available. The holding and selling of these products remains possible.”

I assume that’s boilerplate text since a) they didn’t mention the specific fund by name, and b) as pointed out by @Erma, by this point the fund was actually already available again.

They’re bullshitting you. The legislation in question (“PRIIPs”) does not apply to Switzerland

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yeah but DeGiro is full NEtherlands, right? They actually are not based in CH, so even for swiss customer I think they don’t do a distinction, since they don’t even have a swiss subsidiary