Finding ETFs on Degiro


yeah but DeGiro is full NEtherlands, right? They actually are not based in CH, so even for swiss customer I think they don’t do a distinction, since they don’t even have a swiss subsidiary


Well and IB is in UK and seems to have no problems with the swiss residents that degiro is having


Bought some VTI, did work as usual.


I can confirm that buying works again.


Dear all - just discovered this great community. Lots of interesting topics and info! I don’t want to hijack the thread but I figure my question kind of fits here.

I have a question regarding Interactive Brokers and certain products affected by Mifid2 / Priip. I am interested in opening an account at IB and was wondering if somebody who already has an account there and is a Swiss resident can confirm if products like:

  • ProShares Short VIX ETF (SVXY)
  • VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short-Term ETN (XIV)
  • VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Medium-Term ETN (ZIV)
  • Barclays Bank Ipath S&P 500 VIX Short-term ETN (VXX)

are not restricted from trading? I did inquire with IB last week but they did not answer yet.

Many thanks.


Hello Mustachians,

I spoke to Degiro helpdesk today morning on a completely unrelated topic and during the course of the conversation, the customer officer remarked that I would no longer be able to buy US domiciled ETFs through Degiro. When pressed, he mentioned that it’s because of new regulations affecting EU/EEA investors.

When I pointed out that I had already bought VTI and VXUS in May, he mentioned that the change would take effect from June.

Does anyone else have any similar feedback? Not being able to buy US domiciled ETFs is a deal breaker and would cause me to move to IB asap.

Thanks for your replies.


MIFID II … US funds are not in a hurry to provide all the info that the regulation requires. IB solves this by just sending me stuff and saying I should read it carefully.

Watch out when you want to transfer ETFs away from DeGiro. According to their schedule, the fee is 10 Euros per position plus any external fees. Sounds ok. Especially since IB does not ask fees. Well … a little bit later, Degiro asked me to confirm that I am ok with EUR 78 in transfer fees. Whut? Turns out, the fees of Kasbank, where Degiro stores its securities, is not included in these 10 Euros. So it was cheaper to sell and rebuy.

Edit: 78 for 1 position when announcing 10 … pfffft.


Did you buy these products in January / early February 2018? :scream:


Thanks @cray for the tip.

Just to update, I bought 40 units of VTI ETF on Degiro on Thursday and the transaction went thru without any problems.

It’s definitely strange that the helpdesk states that you cannot buy US domiciled ETFs whereas in reality, you can go ahead.


To confirm what @Sirob said earlier, I’ve been able to buy VTI, VXUS and VGK just yesterday on DeGiro.
Note that I already had positions for those before MIFID II.


I bought some VT at the beginning of July without any problem and without fee. Even if it’s been removed from their free list, it seems to be still free.

If they ever remove all US ETFs from their offer, I would directly transfer everything to IB. If VT is not free anymore I may also consider moving.


Hi, anyone know if degiro has any full ETF list? (with and without fees). thanks


Hello @include,

From the Degiro web interface (Swiss account), it looks like the full ETF list has about 8100 entries. Checking the “show only most popular ETFs” criterion, here’s what I get:


I thought they had a PDF online as they do for the free commission list. Well I think I will stick to that. (gona print it :slight_smile: ) Thanks.


As _name mentioned, I think that is the only list that exists. I never found anything else.


Apparently you can’t buy any more US Stocks since EOY 2018.
It didn’t work (we tried VGT and VOO) and the e-mail support replied that they changed that and you can only sell now.


We are talking about this here: