Facebook Tracker

Did anyone notice that there is a facebook tracker on the forum, or at least somewhere on a specific page?
I got the warning here:

But just only after I scrolled back.

Edit: on more pages, only after scrolling.

Weird. Also baad tracker.

I reply myself:

Still I think it’s a bad answer. I’d like to know where exactly happens. On which font.

Hmm, it’s not just Facebook:

Not sure what that issue is, the forum doesn’t claim to be ad free (and iirc there are ads for non logged in users?)

The issue for some might be the tracking itself.

Showing ad doesn’t mean that you have to track people and their surfing habits.
And being ad-free doesn’t mean that you are not tracking people.


Install uBlock Origin and be happy

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It’s probably a bug as the link says. There is no facebook src in the page.

Is it on the forum? My script blockers (NoScript, uBlock Origin and AdBlock) detect only googletagmanager.com (and mustachianpost.com, of course).

That’s what Safari tells me.

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I also use Facebook container yet it does not show me any tracker.
I did remove my FB account a month or 2 ago…

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