Experience for tax deductions in Aargau?

I am sorry for making a separate topic because the main threads are dominated by Zurich. I have found lot of good information about tax deductions in Zurich, but cannot find how to claim equivalent in Aargau using EasyTax.

Right now, we claim the following deductions in Aargau:
Pillar 3A
Lunch cost
Travel tickets cost

But, I have also read that you can claim some additional deductions such as,

  1. Kosten für die Verwaltung von Wertschriften des Privatvermögens: Up to 0.3% (max of 6000) of your securities at a broker like IB. But, I cannot figure out how to claim this in EasyTax. Is it possible in Aargau?
  2. Work related expenses of up to 500 chf without showing receipts. It is not clear what can be included in this. For example, if I bought a new laptop and monitor to setup a desk so that I can work from home when needed, can this be claimed?

This screams wiki entry, where everyone explains what they deduct and which canton they’re in.

I hate this “Kantönligeist” stuff, it cost loads to do it differently everywhere, not just taxes, but laws and regulations as well. Is that really required in such a small country?

Well apart from the 500 for Work related expenses i always claim deductions from all kind of IT Stuff i buy during the Year. Since i am a system Engineer i can always explain in Case but until now no one ever asked nothing about it.

When I used to work for FIFA and Credit Suisse i was forced to buy Clothes to be inside the Dress code. So I also claimed this. Anything that has to do with further education can be send in. Also if you got a Dept you can claim a deduction of the Debt interest.

Since i got Kids i can claim the following deductions.

  • Childcare
  • Further Education
  • Medical expenses

I don’t have any wealth so nothing i could say about that.

I‘m not sure they always let that through as you could still wear them outside of work. Still worth a try I guess.

You can’t deduct suits as a professional cloth expense

From the Federal court 2C_326/2008

4.4 En revanche, les frais mentionnés dans le recours pour lesquels les recourants demandent la déduction forfaitaire de 3’800 fr., soit l’achat de costumes, chemises, cravates et chaussures, ainsi qu’une part privée pour l’utilisation d’un agenda électronique, d’un ordinateur, d’une imprimante et de l’utilisation d’un bureau à leur domicile, ne sont pas des dépenses indispensables à l’exercice de la profession mais des frais d’entretien (sur ces notions, outre les auteurs susmentionnés, cf. Philip Funk, Der Begriff der Gewinnungskosten nach Schweizerischem Einkommenssteuerrecht, p. 120).

En effet, les habits décrits ne constituent pas des habits de travail particuliers (RDAF 1952 p. 219 consid. 2 p. 221). En matière d’habillement, tout ce qui peut être utilisé en dehors du milieu professionnel ne saurait constituer une dépense déductible (Jean-Blaise Eckert, in: Danielle Yersin/Yves Noël (éd.), Commentaire romand, Impôt fédéral direct, Commentaire de la loi sur l’impôt fédéral direct, no 11 ad art. 26 p. 441), cela même si la position professionnelle requiert un style d’habits particulier (Bruno Knüsel, op. cit., no 23 ad art. 26 p. 392).

well i did it fort 4 Years and no one ever asked a thing.

no need to quote a Court decision bro i know that you technically can’t do it since it’s written in the tax code. I did it anyway since i didn’t knew back then.

j habite dans un petite village dans le canton de Zürich ici en passe beaucoup de chausse que dans la ville en le passe pas. Mois et ma femme en demande la déductions pour deux voiture et on a seulement une.

Kantönligeischt comme une a mentionne plus en haute.

well now you know it’s illegal apparently…so let’s try not to give tax fraud suggestions…
thanks @REandSTOCK for the useful court ruling reference

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Can you please tell me how do you claim this in EasyTax? Is it under übrige abzüge?

Yes, it can be frustrating. But, I have learned to consider it as part of the Swiss charm.

well no it’s not illegal if you can’t use the clothes for normal outside clothing. in my case yes it was not correct but i wouldn’t go so far and call it “tax fraud suggestion”.

Can you please tell me how do you claim this in EasyTax? Is it under übrige abzüge?

as far as i remember those 500 are deducted automatically

I looked a bit into the wealth management deduction. It seems like you can also claim up to 3% like in Zurich (section 15.4 under wietere abzuge). But then it also mentions that receipts must be enclosed.

Does anyone have experience filling in DA-1 form in Aargau? Is it possible to do this via EasyTax or do I have to fill one manually. I could not find any way to do it in EasyTax.

Can someone please help me with the following questions:

  1. In the image above, what do I fill out in the highlighted yellow parts? My portfolio is basically VT/VTI/VXUS
  2. Does Bruttoertrag mean the dividend income?
  3. Can I just write down the total dividends per stock in the year (so one entry each for VT, VTI, and VXUS) and leave KAUF datum empty? Or do
    I have to list all the transactions separately for all the stocks before each dividend event? If latter, then there is not enough space in the form as there are only 10 rows and I made a lot of purchases.

Cannot help for the Aargau specific questions, but for the exact values to fill for each fund you can just look in ictax.
Example for VT, I don’t speak a word in German but you find your Brutto-thing there:

And most importantly DON’T PANIC :grin:

Thanks. I am familiar with ICTax, but right now I have no idea how I can fill this form out manually because there is no space to write down all the transactions. Not to mention, I don’t have a clue about the yellow highlighted parts either.

I am a bit jealous of all you Zurich people with your fancy online tool. I am thinking of just filling in the valoren-number, total number of stocks on 31.12.2020, their networth on 31.12.2020, the total dividends I got during the year (which will not reflect the total number of stocks at end of the year obviously), and leave it at that. Maybe they will just accept it like that.

It says it is included. Pauschale Steueranrechnung/Steuerrückbehalt USA - Kanton Aargau

Maybe it only shows a number of it is more than CHF 100. I have read somewhere you can only claim it if it is more than CHF 100.

Hey Erma, thanks for looking into that. I also found that but I cannot figure out how to add ETFs in the software so that it counts towards DA-1. For Aktiens, it automatically flags them as DA-1, but for Anlagefonds like VT it does not apply the DA-1 rubrik. So, I figured I need to fill it out manually.

I guess I will have to write to the tax office and see what they say.

PS, I am selecting this:

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