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although i have read a lot here, this is my first proper post :slight_smile:

I have a question regarding ETFs for the ones that would wish to help… I am with Degiro and investing in VWRL for the World exposure part of my portfolio. I would like to add a Swiss based (in CHF) and an European based (EUR) EFT to my portfolio.

I have found this one CHF part:
but im unsure when I read things like " objective of the subfund is to replicate the price and return performance of the SMIM® gross of fees."
Why do they call it a subfund?

Any recommendation for the European part?

Looking forward to read from you!

Not sure why would you want to do that, since VWRL already contains Europe incl. Switzerland in market weight proportions, but if you insist to do that than you have a simple solution from Vanguard in form of the FTSE Developed Europe UCITS ETF (VEUR)

Thanks! I wanted to add a “home bias” to my portfolio. That was my idea if it makes sense?

If you want to add a home bias, then why not take SPI instead of SMIM? There’s more diversification in that. If you want to avoid the usual chunk of NOVN, ROG and NESN, you could also construct something with SMI and then overweight SPI Extra.

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You already have lots of home bias with all your Swiss assets, including your job, appartment, 2a, 3a. Are you sure you need more?


indeed, that’s a good point!!

If you really want to, you can buy CHSPI.

What’s your 3a allocation? Probably 40% CH?

around 50% actually!

then probably you are right and it’s enough to go for VT Wolrd in EFT considering 3a and pension fund having a high swiss bias already.

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I guess my initial question came from looking at others portfolio, which are always basically a combination of three: 1) world, 2) home bias and 3) bonds.

Had a look here: Mustachian portfolios

You always have to look at the big picture. Depending on your 3a/total assets ratio, you’ll probably already have a decent CH home bias. I’m 40% invested in Switzerland in Viac, but 15% overall (all investments combined).

That’s on purpose because I’m aiming for a 15% home bias.

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