Electronic vignette

It’s not a real “life hacking”, but just to save time.
Is someone going to do it?

I have heard that they will stop cars without the physical vignette to randomly check. Not sure if true…

Yes I’ve done it for my car, and my company did it for the whole fleet of vehicles.

I don’t see any reason not to do it!


I’ve done it as well. I also don’t see anything speaking against it. To the contrary it saves me time and nerves for removing the vignette every year.


I think I’ll let myself be convinced.

Except for the police being woefully behind the times, I don’t see a reason for them to stop you to check. The whole point of the e-vignette is that they can know if you’ve got it with your license plate number, for which stopping you isn’t mandatory and which they should be able to do by simply scanning your plates with a camera device (like a phone).


I plan to buy a little camper van for road trips and then use transfer plates. The electronic vignette is tied to the plates, not to the physical vehicle itself. Hence, I need to buy it only once.


I don’t want to be an early adopter. I’ll let you guys be the guinea pigs for a year :wink:

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Hi! Just as @Neville said since I have transferable plates (mustachian solution to a non-mustachian attitude :sweat_smile: ) it’s a good improvement to pay one vignette for 2 vehicles.

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Did it as well, don’t see anything speaking against it.

  • Even if their checking system didn’t work in the beginning, I don’t see anyone stopping me to ask for my receipt as 1. they have better things to do and 2. most people will have paid.
  • If something gets muddled up and someone does send me a fine, I have the receipt to prove I did pay.
  • Also - my car has a swiss number plate now so no need to ‘swissify’ it with loads of vignettes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think they may check (randomly) at the customs

Yeah, automatically and via their database, right: Take a photo of the number plate of the driving cars, have some AI recognize the number plate, check it against the database, send a fine if the vignette has not been paid. Just like radar controls that should be done without impacting us driving (and without a person doing manual work).

ETA: London set up such a system in 2006 with 230 cameras so here’s hoping that Switzerland manages something similar 18 years later :slight_smile:

Yeap, e-vignette rules :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I went for it this year.

On the other hand I never experienced any random checks on my motorbike (where the vignette is not even visibly stuck on).

Did anyone ever hear of vignette checks being performed? :sweat_smile:
Or you think they do them “via cameras” automated (like in Norway), like they probably should for plate-based now too.

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This is what I heard, but I don’t think it’s clear if it’s everywhere (at the borders)

Nope, never.
But even if: where is the problem? If you are parking the car, they are scanning your plates as well, when issuing the fine.

I also switched to the electronic version. I am also not using the “CH” sticker, did also not have any problem, even abroad (e.g. Germany). I think, the penalty would be EUR 40, but not sure…

I guess e-vignette has one drawback - it costs 40 CHF, whereas every year, for example in Lidl and Aldi you have some time (beginning of December) to buy them for 20 CHF or 25 CHF (with some conditions to fulfil rather easily, eg. spend 70 CHF or 100 CHF). If you don’t usually buy there, you can stack a bit some products which are the same everywhere (eg. instant coffee etc.). Just don’t be fooled and buy stuff you don’t need ;).


True, I missed that one

maybe when a critical mass are on the e-vignette, the price of the sticker will be raised vs the price of electronic (to encourage people to switch) and eventually eliminated…

Done and easy. Just remember there is no auto renewal :wink:

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Yes, unfortunately the police catched me on my motorbike without a valid vignette 3 years ago, just when I pulled onto the highway entrance, cost me CHF 250.- :grimacing:
It was the early beginning of the motorbike season, middle of april, and they intentionally only checked motorbikes… and guess what, I wasn’t the only one who got a fine.

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There was (and still is) “critical mass” on the physical vignette before, and?