Effect of 2020 US presidential election on markets

Markets seem to like the result:

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Holy shit. Everywhere you look, you see 3-6%.

Hold off your buying until @Cortana goes in with his savings this month.
Or did you say you are holding back until next year? :open_mouth:


Anything to do with Pfizers vaccine?

Unless there was insider trading, no. FT headlines were already commenting worldwide stock increase this morning.

Not quite. 1% was the general plus at the markets that were open today until the vaccine news at 12:40, then everything went up an additional 2-4%.
So election “news” = 1%
Vaccine = the rest
Generally speaking.


Indeed, that matches the current headline on FT :slight_smile: “Covid vaccine breakthrough fuels broad global market rally”

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I’ll admit that I put probably too much trust into polls.
Putting 12% on Biden seems overconfident retrospectively. However, I still believe this was “more correct” than what betting markets implied.

Until now, there’s still no real sign of mass civil unrest on the right. It remains to be seen if this stays the same, but I might have been too pessimistic on this.

My prediction, about what happens when the election is close, is looking pretty good:

Trump seems to have been succesfull in undermining the trust in the election of many of his followers.

To be fair, this is a general trend on the losing side of any election. But it seems especially pronounced this election:

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I don’t know where to put this…

I saw a sudden drop in most Chinese stocks, and I knew something must have happened re. US and them…

Quick Google made me LOL (not sure if related, but I guess)

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.”

This also might be the reason he will not get the possibility to get elected again but instead run to russia or go to jail.

He was right again. What a guy!

Protestors have stormed the U.S. capitol.
Capitol proceedings stopped.
Members of capital told to shelter or evacuated.

A democracy at its breaking point.


Yes, it’s crazy.
You can watch/rewatch a live-stream about it here:
WATCH LIVE: Congress holds joint session to count Electoral College vote - YouTube

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Seems like my question from the beginning is still relevant. (Although I hope this behaviour only represents some thousands of crazed lunatics, and not a sentiment in 10-40% of the population.)

Holy fuck, quite big if true:
[Edit: Seems true, there’s video of a blooded woman being brought out on a stretcher.]

BNO News auf Twitter: “BREAKING: 1 person shot inside the U.S. Capitol, CPR in progress - Fox 5 DC” / Twitter

Could well become the defining moment of 2021 for the US.

That’s insane!
We’re exactly at that point who nobody wanted to land!

Some people had to want to land there for it to land there…

And we thought 2020 was the shitty year…

Hopefully this helps:

I’m pretty sure this is him:

Calling for peace - while pouring more oil in the fire.

Also, Junior:

“this isn’t their Republican party anymore, this is Donald Trump’s Republican party”

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