DWS launches Europe’s first world ex-US ETF

The launch of this ETF is a really good news. It will allow more combinations and a reduction of the US withholding tax for the non-US stocks.

An exemple of combination to replicate the MSCI ACWI with a US based ETF:
VTI + EXUS + H410

An exemple of combination to replicate the MSCI ACWI without a US based ETF:
SPY5+ EXUS + H410
TER: 0.08



For those looking to adress the us high valuations at msci world level with European ETFs: xtrackers recently launched a msci world ex usa etf. Looks like an interesting option, although AuM are still small.


Wow this is big! Thanks for the heads up…


That is an excellent news at it has a potential to simplify many portfolios.

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You can also now implement straightforward slightly leveraged ucits portfolios, without taking on margin.

With the CL2 (Amundi 2x leveraged msci USA) when you would normally do 60/40 USA/ex-USA (or potentially less, as in discussion ongoing in this thread)

You could do something like 40% CL2 60% EXUS.

That‘s like 58/42 US/ex-US leveraged 1.4 x

Or do 30% CL2 40% EXUS and then add 30% in Bonds.

For 70/30 global stocks/bonds leveraged 1.3x