DSL, Fixed-Line and Mobile-Phone for 36 CHF/month - cheapest option availabe in whole Switzerland

My internet setup is the cheapest available DSL in whole Switzerland:

  • CHF 36 monthly for monzoon DSL more
  • No monthly fixed fee for land-line (Netvoip prepay with good rates)
  • No monthly fixed fee for mobile phone (Coopmobile prepaid)

For this comparison, I excluded internet through SIM cards, because their download rates are unreliable.

Internet: Monzoon DSL more with 20 Mb/s Download and 4 Mb/s Upload

  • No set-up fee, but you might need to pay an electrician if you don’t know the predecessors number. I paid around CHF 50.
  • No fixed phone line required (Naked DSL)
  • The notice period is 1 month. That is fantastic.
  • You can either buy a configured DSL modem / router or use your own. If you are unsure, just buy their AVM FRITZ!Box 7530 for CHF 169.
  • The speed is fast enough for Voice-over-Internet (VOIP) calls and streaming. Netflix recommends 5.0 Megabits per second for HD quality (720 p), the maximum my movie projector can provide.
  • You could downgrade to 15 Mb/s Download and 1 Mb/s Upload and save CHF 2, but I don’t think it is worth it.)
  • If you switch, consider using my affiliate link http://dsl.monzoon.net/ra3873

Fixed-line with Netvoip

  • There is no monthly fee
  • Rates are low, e.g. 0.04 CHF/min to Swiss Fixed-lines and 0.22 CHF/min to Swiss Mobile Numbers. Calls abroad are cheap too. Full list here
  • You can buy a configured SIP phone starting from CHF 119 or buy your own. You can also configure your smartphone or Laptop. Some apps are free, others cost around CHF 10. This allows you to benefit from the good rates even when you are abroad.

Mobile Phone with Coopmobile Prepaid
This is not necessarily the cheapest prepay, but it fits my needs. Others prepaid plans are also inexpensive.

  • CHF 0.29/Min.
  • CHF 0.15/SMS
  • Swisscom Network
  • Surf Packets have no (sic !) expiry date.

Some local internet providers are even cheaper. However, Monzoon is available everywhere in Switzerland. What do you use? Do you have an even better setup?

36 CHF is a good price for dsl 20/4Mbit.
They also have to pay swisscom for the cooper connection (22 CHF per month, without other fees).
Swisscom BBCS Private Prices (for us ISP :wink: )

Can’t you buy Coop mobile packs for 15 CHF that you can use for 1000 min or SMS which brings down the cost of a minute down to 15 cts?

Yes. You can buy Coop mobile packs to bring down the cost per minute to 15 cents. I use them, too. My understanding is that they charge for each started minute. Anyway, I wanted to highlight mostly the combo of Monzoon and Netvoip, which I find very attractive and haven’t seen mentioned on this forum yet.

I pay 37 for 60/60 (fiber from Internet Group - might only be available around Zurich)

I have “internet through SIM” (always reliable for me up to now) with Salt, i.e. I tether at home.
Dl 80 / Ul 20 (can vary, but not noticeable)
Fr 30 all internet & calls unlimited in CH
One contractual partner, one device
It’s been 5 years, love the simplicity, no regrets.

I’m paying 28.31 CHF/month for 50/10 Mbps from the local cable company.

Internet only (though the cost of the TV cable is included in the monthly rent - but that’s true for most rental contracts).

Also granting myself the luxury of a mobile contract with 6GB and free calls/SMS from Switzerland to Europe, at 19 CHF/month.

If you’re patient and want the best and are a heavy internet user. I would suggest to wait for Sunrise offers on Qoqa.

For land-line it is usually in spring (30.-) and for the phone during December (55.-).

When you get them both you will have to pay 60.- per month as Sunrise offers you 10% of the original price of your packet.

You get:
1Gb Fiber at home if you have it, other wise it is 100Mb I think.
Unlimited data, call, sms in CH, Europe, US, Canada and a second simcard for a tablet.

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which offer is this?

Lebara Europe. It’s a promotional offer, though they’ve been running it regularly. There always seems to be a promotional offer of sorts on that plan. Though they are switching back and forth on it. Seems to be either

  • 39 CHF/month with unlimited high-speed internet (more internet) OR
  • 6GB high-speed at 19 or 29 CHF/month (lower monthly fee)

Fiber has more competitive pricing, but unlike DSL isn’t available everywhere. According to their website internetgroup is currently only available in Zürich and Winterthur

I see the simplicity point.
How would you see that option for a family household? How much did the bandwith vary during the pandemic. I read that in the mobile internet there were bottlenecks. Fibre, DSL and Cable were less affected. Can that be correct?

Cable is AFAIK around CHF 30 per month. So you are more likely to pay CHF 60 per month for the internet. I had the TV cable deactivated and got the reduction in the monthly rent.

Thanks, I will keep an eye for the Qoqa offers. What about the contract duration? I like the 1 month notice period of Monzoon (It is actually prepaid: Once you stop paying, they stop the internet. Can easily be restarted. I use a recurring order.)

Didn’t most cable providers stop doing that? (at least UPC did a few years ago)

Quite the contrary, they’ve upped the basic service fees considerably. Still seems to be 39.90 - though should be charged (“hidden”) with the rental contract for tenants.

54.00, including the basic fee. Since a few years, they’ve even transparently included this price in their invoices - with a rebate of the basic service fee (being charged with the rent). Which, at 25.69 at my cable provider, is considerably less than UPC.

In any case, I think they didn’t even install a fixed phone line to my apartment, so I couldn’t get DSL anyway - so I just treat the cable fees as part of my rent.

At least for me a few years ago, UPC gave me a letter to send to my landlord to no longer be charged with rent (was with one of their endless plan changes), I thought they tried to convert most of their customers to be charged this way. But might be an issue for non customers they likely don’t tell them to cancel it.

Most “normal” people are probably customers (not non-customers) by way of their TV sets receiving cable television channels.

I pay CHF 30 for 1GBit/1GBit with Sunrise.

I first had QoQa offering for CHF 29 per month for 1GBit. (Limited to 5 years)
Than I moved to a new flat where Sunrise did not provide Fiber and they switched me to 200Mbit vDSL plan for CHF 70, after telling them that I will not pay that I landed at the cancellation hotline and got the offer to get 200MBit vDSL with 58% discount for CHF 29.
Later sunrise also startet offering Fiber where I life so I directly called the cancellation hotline and they switched me to a 1GBit “loyalty” plan for CHF 50 and provide me with an additional CHF 20 discount for 2 years. They told me to just call the cancellation hotline again after the 2 years to get a new deal.

Long story short. Sunrise provides the best deals but you have to either directly go with a QoQa deal or call the cancellation hotline and get a great offer.

The mobile offer is 6 months and the internet one is 1 year.