Do you want a Discord server for Mustachian Post?

I asked @_MP what he thinks about it, and he requested that I make a poll. So here it is. What is your opinion on the idea of creating a Discord server for the Mustachian Post community, where you can have a more realtime chatting experience with other members?

  • Absolutely, I would use it everyday :+1: :+1:
  • Maybe, I could chat from time to time :+1:
  • I don’t care :person_shrugging:
  • Better not, it would drive users away from the forum :-1:
  • Never, this is a big mistake :-1: :-1:

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Thx mate for making this poll happening!

Happy summer to all Swiss Mustachians :palm_tree:


Love the idea!

Thanks Bojack :slight_smile:

I have mixed feelings about this idea, having in the past month visited several discord channels about personal finances/investments

Pros: Discord is very good for socializing
Cons: any useful content is quickly burried into the history of the discussion => don’t expect to be able to find any evergreen content there.

The behavior I observe is very often:

  • someone posts a question about his current issue
  • people who saw the question within the next hour will answer, you’d better hope they have relevant knowledge
  • the question/answers then get burried by the following posts and a new discussion on the same thread.

So i’d say: good if you want to socialize and talk about daily news, horrible if you want useful content.


Given the lack of activity of @_MP I don’t think it makes sense to have it under his “brand”.

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For those who don’t know, there is already a Swiss Finance Discord, see

Direct invitation link: Swiss Finance & Investing


Yes, the way I see the role discord channel is not to replace the forum. If you have a complex question, it’s better to take the time and compose it nicely and create a new thread.

Where I could see Discord shine:

  • casual banter on current events around politics, the stock market, Switzerland
  • basically what you usually put in [COFFEE]
  • posting memes
  • be more relaxed about what you’re posting, because it’s gonna get buried pretty soon
  • setting up Mustachian meetups, socializing

@_MP forum is also under his “brand”. I think it’s good to have it under the same umbrella. A chat server is about the kind of people it attracts. Not just some random server, but the one with the same people that post in the forum.


Also something I questioned before. I just struggle bringing content/spending my time on a persons platform that doesn’t seem to care about the community there.

Thank you for your comment @MrCheese

In order that the discussion doesn’t too much emotional (for me at least :slight_smile:) and that this topic doesn’t get derailed from its initial intention, I refer you to my answer on this thread: Forum | Swiss Personal Finance & FIRE Forum - #23 by _MP

My thoughts haven’t changed since then, and I am happy to talk more in depth about it with you there.

Happy summer!


@_MP is the creator, host & admin of the forum. He doesn’t have to remain active for the forum to be active. It would surely be good if @_MP had a contingency plan in case he goes missing for any reason. @_MP I hope there is a trusted person in your circle that has the needed credentials to keep this forum alive in case something happens? It would be a shame if a subscription payment deadline fell through, and the forum got deleted.

Other than that, I personally don’t have a problem with this forum being branded “Mustachian Post”, especially that @_MP is not at all imposing on the type of content being posted. “Mustachian Post” is a brand that brings certain kind of people together, that’s why I thought it would maybe be fun to also have a Discord server.


Every community I know of who had a forum and then added Discord, the following happened:

  • People moved to Discord
  • The forum died

Yeah, because discord is basically superior in almost every aspect… Forums are so 2000


@CHRad See Julianek’s and my post to see opposing arguments. One could argue that Discord is more popular, because it provides instant gratification, so it is more addictive. But I can’t see how you could search and browse any old discussions on discord. On forum there is some filter to not posting crap and some structure: discussions are aggregated by threads.


Contingency plan is indeed in place, no worries :wink:


Absolutely agree on this. It will suck up many good info that would be easy to find in a forum into a blackhole. The amount of things you can learn here by reading old threads is amazing. Don’t kill it :slight_smile:


This is happening even in the forum, especially if the subject is a bit political or has some critical social aspects. Discord will just make it worse in my opinion.

My wish for this forum or any other social platform is to go opposite direction that you think, research and give effort for your posts. For example Instagram, where people tried really hard to get the best pose and the filter for a picture in the first years and now with stories and reels it filled up with rubbish.

Not sure if this is just my experience though…

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After 104 votes it looks like people really don’t want discord. Maybe some other day, then/

Discord is selfish.
Forum is sharing.

I am trying (hard-ish) to add to a wiki some of the information I gather here. A Wiki would be the best for sharing, but it takes a lot of work. It would be nice to know if all posts here are license-free or something more restricted.


Edit: Sorry I missunderstood you julianek/Bili. I would leave the original comment anyway as I find it worth.

This is unavoidable IMHO. A forum is not a wikipedia (Discord being the complete opposite. Forum is a middle term). As new members join, same old topics will pop-up from time to time. And also it is good to create new threads for already discussed topics so information stays “fresh”.

Other times, old info is not easily findable by just using the search option of the forum. People use different keywords for the title of the posts, and the content sometimes is buried in 100’s of comments. Other times you find the right old thread and it is a gold mine.

It is a good thing IMHO. Keeps the forum live and fresh. Whatever is static, it rottens.

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