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Hi, I read a while ago on MP an interview about Daubasses.com and an article about value investing. Both is pretty old so I was wondering if anyone is currently also thinking about starting with that or successfully using the Daubasses.com newsletter?

Nope, fake stock-picking success stories, highlighting their good picks and omitting their bad ones. Also, most likely long-term underperforming any appropriate index-benchmark.

Also, it’s spelled Dumbasses, not Daubasses.

Do you happen to have a penchant for scams :grin:? Just buy low cost global passive index funds and be done with it.

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Thanks, that’s why I’m asking. Most of my money is pretty safe invested :grinning:

And regarding the physical rare earths…let’s see

Have some stocks in my watchlist since a while and about to buy. But I’m scared now posting them :crazy_face:


Self-righteous much?

Not true. They are very transparent about the gains and losses. You get an extensive monthly newsletter.

For marketing purposes, of course they will point out the successes.

Unfounded insults will get you nowhere on this forum.

This is libel. Unless you present some proof, refrain from accusing others of criminal acts.

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I’m scratching my stock picking itch with them with 5% of my assets.

The picks seem very well researched. They make an impression of dedicated amateur analysts.

You may likely outperform a small cap index with them.

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In fact, the term “daubasse” has a meaning:

"It’s a company that encounters different kinds of problems, whether with its products, its customers or even the country in which it does business.

It’s a company that sometimes generates losses over several quarters or years, and whose management is often not considered among the brightest in the business world, although there are exceptions.

This is a company whose profitability is sometimes in decline, as measured by common criteria. Daubasses are generally small or, at the very least, medium-sized companies, whose share price is fairly volatile and whose business is more sensitive to economic conditions. They are little followed by institutional investors (banks, insurers, investment funds, etc.), as they are too small for those with tens or hundreds of millions to invest. In 99% of cases, we could say that these companies are unknown and forgotten by the vast majority of market players. This is what gives the individual investor an advantage.

In any case, the market considers the short-term prospects of these companies to be very negative… And a negative short-term outlook means a slaughtered share price on the financial markets.

So it’s thanks to the market’s negative assessment, and very often to an exaggerated price penalty, that we enter the fray… with high expectations."

You may consider this site as a scam or not the best way to invest, but their transparency is real. Their various stock portfolios are in any case positive, and they don’t hesitate to take their losses when they realize they’ve been sadly mistaken. And yet, they have more successes than losses at the moment.

So, am I ready to invest in their service? Probably not, as I trust the index investing path. But their services are likely to interest people who want a bit of “spice” in the investment field.


Stock picking on the small cap index is where it makes the most sense.
Companies annual reports are the easiest to understand as they have less complex activities.
This segment lack analysts so the market takes time to adjust.
Also institutions and private funds cannot invest in it as their market cap size are too small compare to their portfolio

Also the French small cap index etf does not represent the index and have high fees.

I’ve heard of this group of investors and their forum is pretty active. Their 1st portfolio return is impressive but most of the value come from good timing after 2008 crisis.


Thanks, are you aware about any promo like 6 months free or so?

i’m also interested in this question. unfortunately, the blog post was never updated.

They might be good in stock piciking but they are bad in domain names picking.
Or maybe it’s just me. I have the “english dictionary” always on when I see a dot.com name…and every single time I read that title, I just read it wrongly.

Yes, I think it is just you :wink:

Agree, it’s better to go small cap and in non-US markets where there are fewer people looking at them. The small cap keeps the big boys away and lack of analysts means things can be mis-priced for longer.

I look also to out of favour markets: e.g. opposite of ESG: oil, mining, tobacco, defense industry.

Even in US markets, there are also special situations where the small investor has an advantage e.g.

  1. the analysts don’t understand what happened yet (e.g. AMD turnaround, Nvidia AI boom); or
  2. where institutions can’t invest (e.g. when SMCI didn’t file accounts and got kicked off the stock exchange).

What about Fx risks?

Not that I know, but you could ask.
I think it does not make sense if you don’t want to commit to at least a year. You get 1-2 buy recs per month and slightly more sell recommendations. The holding period is quite long, several years. This is not for a quick buck.

It’s all in foreign currencies, in companies that may not be exposed globally. You lose returns due to exchange rate loss (SEK, EUR, YEN, CAD). OTOH, this is true for any currency except Gulf country currencies (SAR, KWD).

A modest gain in EUR will be close to 0 in CHF.

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I know that there have (very) old newsletter published online, accessible for everyone but do you have an example from like a year ago or is it forbidden to share even if it is old?

Can’t post it here, but I’d send you one per DM

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