Dark mode for the forum?

I use Chrome on my mobile, this website is still very white. Any hint on how can I get it dark mode? Is it even possible with chrome or are there better choices?


A quick search gives this:

So not only is it possible to make multiple color themes, but even an automatic switcher depending on system. But MP would need to do it.


I’m ashamed to say I forgot MP handle to tag him these conversation :smiley: maybe somebody can raise this to his attention with a mention?

@_MP !

I was also bothered by the lack of this feature. I solved it by installing the Dark Reader add on (for Firefox). Works pretty well for most sites I’ve encountered.

I think if we ask @_MP nicely, it’s possible to install this plugin.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, @_MP it would be appreciated… :blush:

Hey there,

Thanks for pinging me on this. I really appreciate how you help to make this community better!

So, the dark mode is now activated :tada:
By default, it should get enabled as soon as your device/browser is in dark mode.

I’m using the default Discourse system for this (Automatic Dark Mode color scheme switching - announcements - Discourse Meta), in order to not have to add (and maintain) yet another plugin.

Hope it helps your eyes! :slight_smile:

Take care,


It works awesomely, thank you a lot!!! @_MP

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Is there a manual switch somewhere? My Chrome on desktop doesn’t switch to dark mode…

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You need to set it on your OS level (at least I needed to, Win > Settings > Colors > Dark).
But that affects all other apps as well. :smiley:

On Ubuntu: Settings/Appearance/Dark Mode. Default (aka darkish mode) doesn’t work.

I hope someone will invent a “not-too-dark” mode. Dark mode is imho not that good. Instead of flashing bright screen around your text, you have flashing bright text.

Looks sweet! Here how it appears on my iPhone:


Same here. Looks nice. Only the white logo now… (ok, we’re picky…:wink:)


Thank you. Makes this such a delight to read with this theme!

I’ve noticed a problem with the mobile display of the website. When I write a new post, the right side is cut off and I have to manually zoom out. Anybody else experiencing this? For me it happens on Safari on an iPhone. Looks like this:

A very nice Mise en Abyme!

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