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Dear all,
who has experience with all these bonus franchises? can you put down some number so we can tell all the mustachians if this is beneficial?

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You can find some answers here about Cumulus and there about travel hacking.

I checked quite intensively this topic and ended up with the Cumulus one which looks like the most promising.

I look forward to hearing others’ feedback!

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@cumulus points: do I understand correctly, that basically (apart from some point multiplication boni) it offers a 1% cash back?
i spend about CHF 250/month at migros & coop, so this would end up in a CHF 30/y bonus for selling all my data? now it needs some persuading to make it appear attractive to me :slight_smile:

I remember reading both posts a while ago, i should carefully do so again :slight_smile:
THank you for these information, MP!

With Cumulus, you can collect points faster by using their “coupons”. These range from 500 free points (=5CHF) to 20x points for buying specific products on offer.
We spend about 500CHF/month in Migros, we also get points from the Cumulus MasterCard (free, issued by Cembra Bank), and I average 50-60 CHF “face-value” coupons every quarter. 200-240 CHF/year.

With the old GA/AG i was able to pay for it with cumulus credit card and that would net me alone around 20 chf of groceries :smile: now with the Swiss pass you receive an invoice at home…

Since we don’t have a car we use LeShop like every 3 months and with the coupon you get like the expedition free (10 chf reduction) all of this stuff together makes for 300-400 chf p y

I added few data here: Swiss life hacks list

I have both of them. We usually go to the Coop so we have a lot more of Superpunkte. We usually use them to buy Christmas presents or vacuum cleaner bags or other household-related items at the coop city. We also decided to always use them if we buy something which you can pay with them. There are also lots of 5 x coupons which I usually use. I “upgraded” the card to a Hello Family card (works even if you don’t have children unlike migros). Sometimes then we get 20% off coupons for normal groceries like fresh legumes and fruits.
I also have the Coop credit card which is free and gives me more points.

Migros has the better system with the coupons, they don’t expire after two days after activation. But I only buy small items there like something to snack on during work because the Migros is nearby.

Coop’s superpunkts are slightly more valuable, I’ve sold my stash a while ago at 100p to 1.10 Fr rate, i.e. 10% over nominal. Bank Coop apparently demands 20k points to give a reasonable mortgage rate; and another half decent use is conversion to miles and more.

But don’t kid yourself, noone’s getting any richer with any of these schemes, it’s your money originally after all, that all these ultra high margin retailers condescend to spit back to you.

Much better savings idea: shop at lidl, aldi, volg, etc, and germany.


Interesting you mention Volg, as i usually encounter them in som tiny montain villages and thought of them as “coop-pronto-expensive” style :slight_smile:

I think too it’s a little more expensive than Lidl/Aldi, but still cheaper than Migros/Coop cartel with their sky high 30-40% gross margins. Only about 20% margin at Volg from what I’ve read.

You can actually still pay at an SBB ticket office with the Cumulus Card or with Reka money :blush:

Aldi just opened a (small) store at the Lausanne train station. Groceries budget is lower now! Too bad it’s a small one, the other one is the city is inconveniently located for me and that Lidl is so far away that even a bike ride sounds like a bad idea.

Slight resurrection.
I just recently started using the Cumulus Mastercard.
Is there any way to check the expenses online / some other way?
Alternatively, how do they settle the bills - do they send me an invoice monthly/quarterly by post?

Do make sure to read and understand terms and conditions before signing that credit (card) contract.

Monthly invoice, postal mail (instead of using eService) is charged extra.

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Yes, the eService. Probably one of the worst online portals I’ve seen, but at least you have your info there.

There is no eBill option, so either you sign up for eService and they pay the bills online (manually) or receive them by snail mail and pay them manually too.

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