Crowdhouse experiences


Hello all,

I saw this mentioned in a couple of threads, so I wanted to inquire about your experiences.
How do you find it, if you used it?
Would you recommend it as a REIT investment option?


Another option would be – the min. investment sum (25’000 CHF) is smaller than with crowdhouse.


My first feeling is that it seems oversold.
How can you expect 6% return on investment on housing in Switzerland when most immofunds are barely at 4% and even pension founds threw their hardly earned cash in investment with 2% return. (Still better than -0.75% by SNB).
The 6% return on investment (roi) is probably without renovation, insurance, real estate tax, administration fees and depreciation due to ageing of the building.
The picture they give is only for the dividend paid but not for increase in value.

The roi of stock is usually much higher than the dividend paid and this gives increase of value of the stock. During the same time the SMI increased in value by 14 % which makes with the dividend 17% over one year.

The last point is the legal frame which seems a bit undefined to me. I refuse to invest in collective investment not approved by the FINMA or which are not compliant with the ucits rules of the EU.


2-3x leverage with the mortgage that’s how

Yeah, even focusing on dividends alone, it’s also dishonest to compare their leveraged return with stocks’ unleveraged yields.

Direct ownership in land registry, no?

They’re just a commission-driven real estate salesmen and managing company, not a fund.