Crowdhouse experiences

One question: are you registered as one of the owners the property? Is the mortgage (partially)in your name? Does you name get sent to the ZEK?

Yes I am registered as one of the owners land register. And mortgage too

I don’t know ZEK

I recently requested an updated ZEK and IKO and nothing was mentioned there about my investment with Crowdhouse.

With Crowdhouse the minimum is 100k for the same property isn’t?

Depending on the property the minimum investment can be between 50k to 200k

Thanks for this! It’s a pity because I don’t want my name associated with further credit :confused:

Can you precise your thinking with some facts ?

Hi, nybody has feedback on foxstone, example of investment, I looked at it, one of latest investment is in Moudon, and I have some reserve.
Moudon is a town where you can find many appartments, it makes it easy to switch especially if a new appartment is coming on the market, compared to old ones, people prefer new bathroom, less expensive heating system, etc

I’ve seen that a lot in Fribourg, now all the old building are empty.

Can anybody give an example of investment?

For Moudon so if it’s easy to switch maybe is not a good investment
building empty = low rate

Coming back here with my first Crowdhouse investment.

The 5 years have run its course, so the owners would have to decide about keeping the house refinanced or sell it.

The object itself did well, pulling a capital-relative 6.2% yield for 5 years, plus another 4.5% appreciation yearly, so backtested it’s about 10% yield p.a. Not even close to the 2018-2023 stock market yield, but not bad for RE.

The default with Crowdhouse is selling the investment unless a 66% ownership majority objects, in which case it gets refinanced.

And this is where democracy sucks. There were about 50% of the owners present on the meeting (EigentĂŒmerversammlung), some voted in mail, but also some 28% was not interested in their money’s course so they abstained in every point, and even though the overwhelming majority wanted to refinance the object, it’s now getting sold - also meaning we need to pay appreciation tax (GrundstĂŒckgewinnsteuer), etc.

would it be possible for you share a complete story, getting in, owning, getting out after the processed is done? Super looking forward to it.

Ask me again next summer :slight_smile: the mortgage only expires in November, the property goes onto the market at fair market pricing - not exactly in the best of times to be honest, it might get a lower purchase price than fair. Then I’ll have to wait for the tax declaration to see how much I owe Kt AG.

But yes, I’ll report back.


The return of e.g. VWRL in CHF was 5.9% p.a. over the last 5 years, so I’m surprised about your statement.

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CH returns are not annual compounded, but just flat per year (so let’s say the yield is every year 5% against capital, leveraged, minus income taxes, plus in the end you get the RE appreciation and the rest of the account reserves paid out, minus property appreciation tax minus incomes taxes, minus any selling fees) so in total it’s probably getting to a lower total return than the compounded total return of VOO (in my case).

I’ll get a detailed analysis together soon.

Crowdhouse in the news: Charging tenants up to 18,000 CHF for overspend on shared costs.

Unclear from the article whether this is incompetence or intentionally abusive behaviour

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Neither. They are just not very good with administration. :thinking:
As an agency, their hands are also tied (they have to pay the bills to cover the services).

On a similar subject, has anyone heard/have experience with SIPA crowd immo? It seems to work on a different principle to Crowdhouse, in that investers are shareholders, not direct property owners. Not clear to me who receives capital gains, if the property is sold at the end of the investment period.