Coronavirus: when do we reach the bottom of the dip?

Well, my opinion for you is the one I would have for the average person: get it.

I was pretty sick after the 2nd dose of Moderna but the 3rd gave me almost no symptoms (it’s a smaller dose).


Funny you write this, given how vehemently you jump into the discussions about covid vaccines here.


The century is still young…


I am not regularly around older people, or any people, aside from a supermarket and restaurant once a week. What will these few weeks bring me? You think some new data/info might surface?

What I also heard is that subsequent boosters might decrease the organisms natural immunity. This would be bad, as it would make the body somehow dependent on a stream of boosters if you wanted to remain healthy.

Another thing I was thinking is that originally my covid pass had a validity of 1 year so I though that until then they could “improve” the vaccine if need be.

@Patron I don’t think I can put myself in a category. I don’t know how high is the risk of me getting covid right now. Or of spreading it to others (i mostly sit at home, but not 100%). The most annoying this is 2G+. They changed the rules during the game even though we were warned that this could happen. My certificate should have been respected 1 year until July 2022, and now I can’t go to a spa or play badminton. This has a negative effect on my physical wellbeing. Badminton was the only bit of sport I got during winter…

As other said, the 3rd dose is a half dose and much less reactogenic. At this point looking around me, it seems pretty much guaranteed to have exposure in the coming weeks, unless you shelter indefinitely (and the most common thing I hear is people getting omicron a few days before the 3rd dose).

So it’s up to you whether you want to rely on covid induced immunity (again anecdotally, for people with 2 doses seems to be a few days/one week of feeling shitty + cough) or the extra protection from the booster before it happens. Note that it’s pretty well documented that there’s a massive difference in protection between 2 doses + 4 months vs 3 doses.

The one thing we don’t really know is if there is much long term impact from covid for people with 2 doses, but so far haven’t heard anything alarming (ala long covid for unvaccinated people).

Personally I don’t have good hope we’ll reach herd immunity (unless there’s something like mandatory vaccination and we adapt better to variant, which seems unlikely), the future looks like endemicity with targeted measures to avoid overloads (e.g. in winter waves).


40s and fit. Was reluctant to get booster but got it for 2 main reasons: 1) 7 months since 2nd shot and would otherwise be excluded from activities 2) I have kids at school and 99% sure they will pass me Omicron, vaccine should mean I’ll be less ill and I miss less fitness training etc. I hate being ill, if there was a vaccine against the common cold I would take it

Lower chances of spreading it to other people was less of a factor in my decision this time

I understood it was still very effective at preventing severe illness.


what science points to this speculation?

Didn’t know that. I thought the governments went into panic mode because of omicron. And I thought this was the reason why they urged people to get the booster. Anyway, thanks for bringing me up to speed with the situation. I don’t follow all details on a daily basis.

Did I say it was no good? I just thought that the 2nd vaccination gives me certificate which will be valid for a year.

Well then the EU spreads fake news.

European Union regulators warned that frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible.

Repeat booster doses every four months could eventually weaken the immune response and tire out people, according to the European Medicines Agency. Instead, countries should leave more time between booster programs and tie them to the onset of the cold season in each hemisphere

Given this, would it not make more sense to get the next shot in autumn of 2022? But of course, it pisses me off that I can’t go to a spa or a sports center without the booster, which is unfair. I played by the rules and still got screwed by the regulators.

Booster helps a lot against omicron, it brings the baseline to two doses on delta:

It’s also very effective for refreshing immunity against severe cases, especially for older people (you can see it in all the graphs comparing ICU patients for unvaccinated vs 2 vs 3).

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you can also get tested for free all over Zurich before you want to go, but that’s also not super pleasant, better get the booster

I think Djokovic is a bad example, because he handled the situation poorly. He lied to the authorities, it is in the end not clear how it all went down. But it seems like the Australian authorities wanted to make an example of him, which they kind of admitted. They said they deport him, because allowing him would set a bad example. So not for breaking some rules, but for not conforming.

I only resort to cheeky comments when some overzealous spa/restaurant employees carefully analyse my ID and compare it with the Covid pass. I told them a few times “what are you, the Police?”. And they were like “sorry, we have to do this”. Another thing that pisses me off is when I press this verify button to make it turn green, and they still want to scan the QR code with their phone. I mean WTF, do you trust me or do you think I am a potential fraudster? People walking around with fake Covid passes, so many ways you can cheat if you want to. Thus, I find it ridiculous that some people play policemen. It’s not their problem, in their place I would just to the bare minimum to comply and not get some penalty in case someone checks.

well they are hold by law or by the employer to check it, and have to do it if they like it or nor. You are not helping them with your comments.


AFAIU, he was not admitted because the Australian law does not consider having had covid as a substitute to vaccination.

The politicians did jump on and claimed this and that reason to strengthen their narrative, but I doubt “he would set a bad example” could ever be a legal reason for anything. Following that logic they could deny entry for the most diverse set of “bad examples” that people give all the time, where “bad” is very much subjective.

They indeed have to do this, why do you call them “overzealous”? What’s so “over” about checking your documents?

I still don’t think it’s ok that just anybody can now check our identity and when contact tracing was active, we were supposed to leave our address and phone data on some piece of paper. Privacy is dead, I guess, for the sake of security.

See above. I don’t like this police state, where your identity is being checked by some waiter, who you know nothing about.


Yes, just because your employer or even the law tells you something, doesn’t mean you have to eagerly obey each order… Sure I also would not like to pay a fine or get fired, but there are ways to fulfil your requirement and not be nuisance to the customer.


It’s so weird.
I restarted this thread with very strong evidence that this statement is untrue.
Were you not aware of this evidence or do you not agree that the evidence shows that the vaccine is still effective against omicron?

Omicron has been the dominant strain for a month.

You can find the figure deaths per vaccination status over the last months here:

It doesn’t directly address omicron, but it’s pretty obvious that the vaccine is effective against omicron. Yes, deaths need some time to show up – but not more than a month.

You also went from “we are in a situation where the vacination doesnt help much against Omicron” to ‘we don’t know how effective vaccine is against omicron’.

Maybe I go to different kinds of places to you, but not once have I had a similar experience.
It’s usually more a sheepish “sorry I have to look” kind of attitude & then a quick glance between phone & id.

But maybe it’s already how you approach the situation, rolling eyes, sighing, not getting it out before, making the person wait on purpose, giving the feeling “is this really necessary” etc etc.?

Or maybe it’s because you have a foreign non-swiss name (I don’t)? I can really image some Swiss will be like, “oh a foreigner, eastern European sounding at that, i have to check carefully!” And if that is the reason, or part of it, I’m really sorry about that! That sucks.

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I don’t want to get into stereotypes. But the one person who got under my skin was German, not Swiss. I’m not really trying to make a scene, believe me. I want to have a good time. I only ever commented when I felt like they’re being needlessly thorough. Like, I go to a spa, gonna get undressed and leave my stuff in the locker, so I just took my phone and a photo of my ID on it. The woman was lecturing me how that’s not good and to please bring the ID next time.

There are many occasions in normal life where you might have to show your ID to someone not being the police (buying alcohol, renting a car, …). I don’t know why it is suddenly such a big deal.