Copy the great performing VIAC Global 100 portfolio?

Hi mustachians

I have my third pillar invested with VIAC, chose the Global 100 strategy and it´s performing superb so far (2021).

My excess savings are invested via Interactive Brokers in ETFs (VT and SMMCHA, exactly like in the mustachian portfolio described on the website) and the performance is … okay I would say.

Now the question:

VIAC actually states exactly how they compose the portfolio for the Global 100 strategy so there´s a tiny temptation building up to just copy that portfolio in my IKBR account to match that superior performance. The principle of risk diversification tells me that this is a bad idea.

What do you think?

2021 until the end of July:
VIAC Global 100 in CHF: 15.4%

VT in CHF: +14.67% (price development, March and June dividends not included)
SMMCHA: +21.62%
SPI: +16.88%
SPI Extra: +20.7%

So, what is superb? Seems that this time small Swiss stocks, overweight by the “Global” strategy, performed better than the global market.

This is strange, this should give you a similar performance to Global 100.


This Global 100 is already VT (well, without small caps) + more Europe (it seems) + more SMI + even more SPI Extra

That’s a pretty bad idea, esp. over such a small data point. It’s like buying TSLA in 2021 because of the 2020 performance.

Why should things that overperform over a short period of time continue overperforming? Maybe over 10 or 20y (including a bear market) you could make that call, but even then it’s just basing your allocation based on past performance.


Pension funds have taxation privileges that apply to the US and now to Japan, for VIAC (Finpension had Japan already included). I would try to maximize that and, considering all my assets (taxable, 3a, 2nd pillar) as a single portfolio, would use my 3a for the part invested in the US and/or Japan as much as I can.

All in all, I’d focus on a target global allocation for the whole portfolio, then use VIAC for the tax advantaged funds (CSIF US - PF, CSIF Japan - PF and/or CSIF World ex CH - PF Plus and/or CSIF World ex CH Small Cap - PF). Since I like simplicity, I’m using mainly the CSIF World ex CH - PF+ and CSIF World ex CH hedged - PF+ funds in VIAC.

Of course, the TER of the funds you would then use in your taxable account should also be taken into account.


Good point. But isn’t there also some inefficient exchange of currency going on at VIAC? I remember lengthy discussions about it here on the forum which led me to use VIAC mainly for CHF-denominated funds, but I might have to revise that choice.

There probably is. Some funds have built-in hedging which often isn’t advised for equity funds. Most have higher TER than you’d find by searching for low fees funds and brokers in a taxable account. I haven’t made the comparison myself.

Thanks already for the informative input! I guess I will stick to my IBKR portfolio then.

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