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Hi, as a Mustachian, what car / roadside assistance do you subscribe to within Switzerland? TCS or your car insurance or your car manufacturer’s roadside assistant service?

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Hi !
I have TCS family for me and my wife.

PM me if you want a code for a discount !

Car insurance: what ever is the cheapest for that specific car.
Road side assistance: usually comes automatically from the manufacturer for a few years when buying new

I think the Mustachian way is not to have any roadside assistance at all. This is a typical example of being overinsured.

Insurances are meant for the case where one would have trouble to cover costs on your own or if it’s a substantial amount, e.g. health insurance to cover treatment that costs 200’000 CHF etc. is a good case of insurance.

In over 15 years of driving car I’ve never used a roadside assistance service, and if I need them the costs would be around 300-500 CHF in the worst case where they would have to bring my car to the next garage (more than that is anyway not covered). I think everyone here in this forum could easily pay 500 CHF so it’s not worth to buy an insurance for that. It’s not like they’re not coming to help if you need them. If you have an issue you can call them anyway and they’ll come to help you’ll just pay the bill by yourself. Simple as that.

Regarding car insurance I have Smile Direct which was the cheapest one at the time and probably still is today (didn’t check that though). It’s a purely online service without expensive offices and sales men that’s why they are cheaper. What is cool you can customise your insurance online e.g. exclude all the stuff you don’t need and choose higher franchises so the insurance ends up to be really cheap. You can also include roadside assistance if you want but I’ve excluded it. There was an article some time ago that many people who buy TCS/ACS/VCS etc. pay roadside assistance unnecessarily twice because their car insurance (the more expensive ones usually) or manufacturer already includes it.


Makes sense! Thank you. I am also scouting around for a new car insurance. So I will check out Smile Direct. Have you used it to claim something before? How was the process?

It might also be worth to haggle a bit with your current insurance company, e.g. where you already have your private liability insurance. I got a discount of a few hundred francs.

In case of Mercedes-Benz it’s up to 30 years. Provided one takes the car to an official dealership for servicing.

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No, luckily I didn’t have any issues so far with my car :wink: But I’ve checked the online ratings before I made the insurance and they were very good (e.g. they have a 5.2 rating at comparis).

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I would say that it really depends from case to case. For example, I have an old (2006) diesel clunker with more than 300k km on it it has a super low running cost, etc. I have only basic mandatory insurance + TCS because when something broke when I am travelling back home in easter europe towing service etc. would be expensive.

Okay. I would have expected that towing service in Eastern Europe, or generally abroad, is even much cheaper than in Switzerland.

Get a free avia membercard → Allgemein

Free car assistance in europe :slight_smile:
My investment:)


That’s interesting… What’s the cost? Is it 1.5 CHF per month for electronic invoice? Does it have to be used each month to get the cover or just using it once will be enough?

Any opinions as regards Avia in general, compared to the others? (e.g. fuel quality, prices etc.)

Wow! that is absolutely brilliant! Have you used it before? How was the response time?

Yes and no… It could break somewhere in Germany or Austria… not talking about Switzerland where it would be crazy expensive. But that thing from @MeowMeowFuzzyface looks great as well … did not know about that before. Do you have experience with it?

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More infos about the service:

I never had to use it…so I can’t give you any feedback about the service quality.

I have electronic invoice, so no cost for the paper invoice…


I fill up there 80% of the time.
Compared to Coop, Migros, Shell, BP it’s pretty much always the cheapest, and quality wise I cannot judge but never had ‘issues’.
Additionally I can use my Reka card there.


Amazing, thank you for the information!

Avia is more expensive for me, I usually fill up at a small independent station. But going to an Avia station instead a few times per year will still not cost much. Worthwhile for having a bit more piece of mind.

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With Zurich insurance, I pay CHF 18 for assistance in Switzerland and 49 for assistance in Europe (with replacement car).
Quitted the TCS thing as I felt like being trapped in paying more that elswere (you pay membership once a year and so forth). Even for the ETI option, other companies have the equivalent for less.

Maybe I could save the CHF 18 per year… but thats not much for having the peace of mind of crusing in “remote”/moutain areas for example. And so you don’t have to carry a spare wheel all the time, they’ll bring it to you (or fix the hole)


Axa has a discount of 200 chf for the first year if you subscribe online before the 31.10.2021. It was also one of the cheapest I found via comparis.

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Make also sure to check the fine print: I’ve needed roadside assistance only once and that’s when I locked myself out.* I don’t know if all services would cover such a case, as it’s not a conventional car breakdown.

Also, think if you might need it abroad. The “standard” TCS coverage is for Switzerland only. You’d need a TCS ETI travel insurance for roadside assistance abroad, if you wanted a TCS product. And here again: The fine print. My girlfriend was in a car crash in Germany** and got stranded on the motorway. Called TCS ETI and found out that issues that happen while driving a rental car are out of scope!

Coop and BP also take Reka.
I also used to go to Avia all the time, but around Basel they’re being more and more replaced by Rudi Rüssel. So I mostly go to Coop now. I get Superpoints and can still pay with Reka.

*: For those interested: I unlocked the trunk, not the entire car, put my jacket in the trunk, closed the trunk, had my keys in a jacket pocket, found myself locked out of the car. The vehicle was underground in a parking garage and had no internet connection, so I couldn’t unlock it from my cell phone.

**: For those interested: She was traveling on the German motorway in the rain and suddenly the sun came out, blinding everybody. She saw the cars ahead hitting the brakes and managed to stop. But the guy behind didn’t, and hit her. Another 10 cars were involved in the crash. She was then driven to the hospital by an ambulance together with other people, as a precautionary measure.

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Yes, that’s the typical insurance behaviour, they’re like vultures. That’s why I reduced insurances to the absolute minimum (minimal required health insurance with the highest franchise possible, liability insurance, mandatory car insurance). Everything else is a waste of money. I had more insurances earlier and every time I needed them I just found out that that particular case is out of scope.

This would have already happened to me several times but thankfully my car can’t be locked from the outside as long as a key lies somewhere inside the car :wink:

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