Car rental mustachian style

Hi everyone,
Since I live in Zurich, I dont need a car on a daily basis and therefore dont own a car.
I am very satisfied with Mobility for day trips or shopping of big items.
But I have some difficulties to find cheap car rental for a longer period (3 days weekend to 2 weeks holiday) in Switzerland.
Mobility has the “best price” offer wich costs around CHF 170 per day with 200km included.
Hertz and other known car rentals cost around CHF 130 per day (less 10% with Mobility code) but you have to pay extra for gas.
Did someone made the research and know good mustachian way to rent a car for holidays or long weekends?
P.S. the numbers in this post are not for the cheapest vehicule, but for mid-class cars because I do not want to drive long distance in mobility’s citroen c1 or smart respectively in hertz’s fiat 500

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I used which resells other rentals with a discount price. They usually have good deals for europe but I haven’t checked how it compares inside Switzerland.

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Thanks Gesk, I just checked it… But the deals in Zurich are in the range of 10% just like my mobility voucher.

I’ve always done like you. No car, but rent cars for multi-day outings and use Mobility or similar for shorter trips. Some car rental tactics I’ve used in places around the world were: going to the airport to pick up the car (or in some cities, the opposite, going far from the airport), declining insurance and using a credit card that covers it, and booking early (with free cancellation) if I thought I might go somewhere.

Another “hack”, although maybe not relevant for a Swiss resident renting in Switzerland, is using Hola VPN to change your country for searches (but turn it off after!), or for some companies sometimes just going to country-specific sites. E.g. I once saved 50% in Italy by renting from rather than .com or .ch. or .ca or .fr, etc. (although the prices vary from site to another!)

Also, there are often independent rental companies that rent older cars for cheap (CHF40/day), but they are usually really poorly advertised. Sorry, I don’t know any for Zürich.

By the way, I can find 27CHF/day compacts in Zürich on for April. :slight_smile:

Thanks @chca, looks very good.

What about sharoo? Did you try it?

I have used (as far as I understand same group as, kayak, etc…) with extremely good deals for major rental car companies.

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If you go with Sixt, then you can save a lot of money when you upgrade to a “Shareholder-Account”

You just need to buy some Sixt-shares (there are two of them, SIX2 and SIX3. Six3 is a “Vorzugsaktie”, pays more dividend and is also a lot cheaper.)

You only need to buy one stock and email them your purchase and they will upgrade you. I’ve done it a few weeks ago and when I compare the normal rate to the Shareholder-Account-rate, then i will save around 5 - 8 CHF a day, wich is really nice. I have heard that they will give you a nicer treatment and nicer cars for shareholders, but I didn’t tested it yet.

Here is a (german) link for more informations.

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