Book, Blog, Podcast recommendations

Indeed. Unfortunately i closed this blog in 2017 as it was mainly about FIRE and I felt I did not have much more to say than MP, MrRIP and all the excellent international blogs on this specific topic. A lot has already been written about FIRE, and at the end I thought it was always a variation of earn, save, invest, rinse, repeat.

At the time I did not see how a blog format with its frequent weekly-ish posts could provide so much new information over the long term.

But i have to recognise that I was wrong; when I see how much MrRIP has contributed to the topic recently, I am happy to see that new concepts emerge (have you seen his spectrum post recently? If not, i strongly advise you to read it).

That said, i have received several private messages recently telling me that I should have an online place for my writings, so I created a new website:

A few warnings though:

  • This site won’t be specifically about FIRE, but more about the topics i am interested in: investing, psychology, and how to be a little bit less dumb every day.
  • I expect it to be a collection of essays, which involves a rather low posting frequency. For instance the first essay is a formalisation of what i have already written on the forum.

Just added “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau and the podcast you mention to my wish list

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Hi all,

i can recommend the following:
Podcasts: Mad Fientist, Financial Independence Europe, FT Behind the Money, Planet Money
Audiobooks: I will teach you to be rich, Meet the Frugalwoods (better suited for woman), The Simple Path to Wealth

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Hello, why do you say that Meet The Frugalwoods is better suited to women? I am just curious as i am trying to find some more resources written by women that I like… so far not many unfortunately. but I will check this one out. thanks!

Hi Svichy,
Meet the Frugalwoods is definitely also a good read for a man, however she describes also a lot about her becoming a mom etc.
What I also can recommend (written by woman) is: Quit like a millionaire

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Just got pulled into a couple of years’ history of Jean, an ERE guy from Western Switzerland. Interesting (and very individual) journey


For the french speaking, Entendez-vous l’éco is an interesting radio emission from France Culture on different economical topics.
Faut-il espérer le retour de l’inflation ? (
Les marchés financiers sous perfusion - Ép. 4/4 - L’économie en réanimation (
If you like podcasts, Les pieds sur terre is another great serie on various societal topics

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I just downloaded “Your favorite band sucks” Love music podcasts and I hadn’t heard of this one before. Sounds entertaining…

Give „Where is my mind“ a try. Lots of food for thought about life in general.


Interesting. Is it only available on Spotify?

I think so:

Just got thoses two books from the NZZ libro editions
Will get back eventually after reading witch could take some time and effort as as “romand” but it looks promising with a focus on the swiss financial situation

Introduction Geldanlage here
Tips for the frugalists: got them with 20% discount with a google discount code search and on ricardo

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@Polo Enjoy reading! These days I hardly find anything new in such books, having followed FIRE thought leaders and bloggers in Switzerland and the rest of the world. I would still be interested to know which facts you will find noteworthy. Maybe the table of content would also give us some more hints whether a purchase is worthwhile.

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I have read both.

They’re good, but nothing that couldn’t be found in this forum or elsewhere on the internet.

The “Geldanlage” is a bit dated (unless there’s a new edition?).

The “Altersvorsorge” is better. It explains the Swiss pension system (and its problems) very concisely and clearly.

Same here. After all, there is not much to say besides „live below your means, save and invest the rest in low cost ETFs and wait“.
Everything else, like the ETF domicile, broker selection etc is just icing on the cake.

Just found this post, there are about 100 podcasts there, anything you have liked in particular? Some Best of the Best - not to miss out?

It all depends what topics you care about. Some are politics and some more scientific. He usually has good guests, that are known in their respective field. I liked the early episodes as they‘re the „basics“, then it gets more and more deep into certain topics. Best is to read the description of the episode and then decide which one you have a go with. Today I listened to this one and I liked it:

One of the books that came up was this one:

Would like to know if the recommendations on this thread are still valid and worth looking into.

I would like to educate myself more, currently just reading through blogs and forums but if the books, blogs and podcasts listed here are still recommended I will add them to my list to read. If you have other recommendations, please share.

Not only about FIRE but finance topics in general:


Heard some good things about Levine, might have to check his podcast out :smiley:

I also like the podcast acquired and “in good company”.

Acquired podcasts are usually quite long 2h+, but take an in depth look at different companies from their beginning to today. Some featured companies were Visa, Novo Nordisk, Hermès, LVMH and recently also the investment firm Renaissance Technologies.

In good company is a podcast by the CEO of the norwegian sovereign wealth fund. He interviews CEOs of companies where they are invested. Can get a bit repetitive sometimes because some CEOs just can’t stop banging on about how great they are and that you should follow your passion :sweat_smile:

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