Black Friday offers thread


why don’t we collect here links to good offers available this week for Black Friday?

Interdiscount for example has half-fare cards for 50% off:


5 Likes has a dedicated page with offers:


Here is a breakdown of mobile service deals for Black Friday 2021:

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The half fare offer is restricted to those that currently do not have a half fare card.

Seems like you just don’t need to have one the day you want the new one to start, so you can cancel the old one if it’s close to its expiry date AFAIU.

  • Pro Kunde max. 6 Stück vom gleichen Artikel.

Reminder: Buy what you need and not what is discounted… best offer is not buy and safe 100% :wink:


This gets forgotten always. Not buying anything saves you the most money.



I was tempted to buy more and resell them :slight_smile:

That offer is annoying. I am not sure if I can get it but I don’t want to cancel my Abo, get the offer and suddenly discover that I have to resell the abo and buy again a normal one…

Stupid thing. SBB should make the offer.

True, given that you need to use it before Dec 12th, it might not be possible to cancel your existing one in time. I welcome very much the offer as I was anyway thinking about getting again an half-fare card after a pause.

SBB Halbtax cannot be cancelled. It’s written in the “AGB”.

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Sure you can, you just need to give notice one month before the expiry date.

" Das Halbtax muss spätestens einen Monat vor der jährlichen, automatischen Verlängerung gekündigt werden. Wir erinnern Sie rechtzeitig vor der jährlichen, automatischen Aboverlängerung an den möglichen Kündigungstermin. Die Erinnerung erfolgt zusammen mit dem jährlichen Rechnungsversand. Abonnieren Sie zusätzlich in Ihrem Kundenkonto auf swisspass.chLink öffnet in neuem Fenster. eine E-Mail- oder SMS-Erinnerung für diesen Termin.

Beispiel Kündigungsfrist:

Abojahr: 15. August 2020 bis 14. August 2021
Letzter möglicher Kündigungstermin: 14. Juli 2021"

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I think there is a miscommunication.

TRSP probably means to cancel the card through the year and get the money balance back (you can do that for instance with yearly abo’s in Zurich, Giff is talking about the automatic prolongation of it.

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I’m thinking about the halbtax. Just not sure if I will really use it that much.

I am waiting for some Digitec Connect vouchers.

Other than that: I’ll save money by not buying stuff I don’t need. :slight_smile:

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I have the Halbtax. You could use for instance in Zurich if you don’t have the ZVV Abo or in any other city if you go visiting it.
Other than that, you might think of traveling to Ticino next year. Do it once with this offer and you have already saved something.

Not mentioned is the 5CHF for unlimited data on Sunrise (if you have a dual sim tho, since it’s a data only sim).

Unfortunately only valid for 2 years.

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