Black Friday 2023

Much appreciated!!

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Having similar issue transferring from Sunrise to Yallo.

The porting request got lost somewhere between Yallo and Sunrise. Each blames the other, Sunrise cut the line, neither warned us, 6 days without mobile so far, looking like 10 total

Crowning glory: the Yallo contract states clearly “Yallo is a brand of Sunrise”.

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Update: the issue seem to be Yallo. Noone there can give me a competent answer or is taking any responsibility. Seems like a case of “they are cheap for a reason”

Got mine working after 8 days btw.

What happened - was the issue at Wingo or Quickline ?

Quickline messed it up. But nobody could tell me what really happened.

Worked like a charm for me with Quickline (wife: same).


so far so good. The coverage is noticeably worse than Wingo I’ve noticed but for the price of free I can’t really complain.


Maybe interesting to know: Quickline trotz mehr Kunden mit leicht weniger Umsatz im 2023

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My switch to a standard Quickline SIM worked perfectly despite the language barrier.

I discovered that my free data sim from my old provider (Sunrise) is valid for life so I can keep that for internet at home even though I ordered a chf5/month SIM card from Quickline for this purpose. Currently using a small Huawei dongle but on advise from @sedot (Feedback on using 4G / 5G routers instead of copper wire - #27 by sedot) I will buy a better quality router (Huawei B818 CPE / B818-263).

Thank you Moustachians for the Quickline tip. :sunglasses: