Bier und Finanzen in Bern - Sommerausgabe / Beer and finance in Berne - Summer edition

Hallo / Hi,

nach dem schon jetzt legendären ersten kombinierten Treffen von Mustachians und Finanzwesir-Anhängern in Bern im Februar 2019 wollen wir das Ganze wiederholen. Bitte tragt eure Verfügbarkeiten hier ein.: - Passwort: mustachian

Den Beiträgen der verganenen Monate zu urteilen wären möglicherweise @bamboo, @mrs_oberland, @demian91, @Kanel, @cruzandmore oder @eastwood interessiert - leitetet den Link zur Umfrage aber gerne weiter.

Das Treffen wird im “Alten Tramdepot” stattfinden (direkt neben dem Bärengraben). Als frugale Option würde ich mein Apartment zur Verfügung stellen - Getränke müsstet ihr dann selbst mitbringen. Wenn das eure bevorzugte Option ist, gebt das bitte im Kommentarfeld der Umfrage an.

Ich erlaube mir, wieder auf die einzige kleine Regel für die Teilnahme hinzuweisen: Wenn ihr Finanzprodukte oder -dienstleistungen verkauft, sagt mir dies bitte vor dem Treffen.

Bis bald!

Johnny B.

Beer & Finance - what could go wrong?

This meetup aims to continue the After the already legendary first meeting of Mustachians and disciples of the “finance vizier”, the next meeting is scheduled for July. Please indicate your availability here: - Password: mustachian

From the posts in recent months, maybe @bamboo, @mrs_oberland, @demian91, @Kanel, @cruzandmore and @eastwood are interested - please feel free to forward the link to others.

The meeting will take place at the Old Tram depot right by the bear pit. If you are frugally inclined, we could move the meeting to my apartment (just above the bear pit) and turn it into a BYOB event. Please indicate this wish in a comment below.

Please allow me to remind you of the only small rule for this meeting: If you sell financial products or services, please tell me so beforehand.

See you!

Johnny B.


Hi everyone,

thank you for your participation in the survey. We’ve found a good date:
Monday, July, 22nd, 7:00 pm
Altes Tramdepot, Großer Muristalden 6, 3006 Berne
Currently, 5 (possibly 6) will attend. The reservation is for 8, so there’s room, but please add yourself in the survey or let me know if you plan to include any +1. I’ll update the reservation accordingly (deadline: Saturday, July, 20th).

See you!

Johnny B.

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Hi Johnny

Thanks for organising! How do we find you? Can you give us the name of the reservation?

@Johnny_B I am new to this forum and saw that you occasionally organise meet-ups in Berne. Could I ask you to include me on the invite IF you decide to organise another one? Thanks in advance for that!

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@Johnny_B i would also be interested ! :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting me know

Hi everyone,

just a short notice - yes, I do plan to organize another meetup - the first two were fun!
As I’m traveling a bit in the next weeks and Christmas is approaching fast, I’ll organize an online survey for a meeting in middle to end of January, OK?
Stay tuned…


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