Best Swiss Portfolio Tracker

On my side I use for a year a french SaaS app called “Finary”: Finary | Real-Time Portfolio Tracker & Stock Tracker
It is both a website and mobile application where you can add pretty much anything.

I was able to synchronise automatically most of my assets:

And I added and update manually:

  • Funds in VIAC
  • BCV accounts
  • SOL (Solana)

It will automatically analyse geographic and sector allocation of your full portfolio, detect funds with high fees, etc… It is pretty cool and I don’t think it was ever mentioned on this forum.
It still lacks a lot of Swiss banks/3rd pillar provider (unfortunately most are not accessible with API) - I think UBS is compatible. So you have to add that part manually.

Happy to provide more info if some are interested :wink:


That’s a huge pain, especially if you have multiple accounts that are funded monthly. I’d need to input around 40 transactions each month…

What are the differences between the basic and paid version? Is the basic version enough? Otherwise, I personally wouldn’t pay 10€ a month for tracking my portfolio when there are free tools that do it more automated for swiss users.

Indeed if you have 5 pillar 3a accounts with monthly DCA it will be a nightmare to update…on my side I have only 1 that I fund fully at the beginning of the year so it is quite easy.

The paid version includes unlimited access to 10.000 banks & brokerage platforms, fee analysis to uncover hidden costs (ETFs and funds), performance reports, etc… I am personally happy to pay it to support the project and team behind it, but it is definitely not for true FIRE people :wink:

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@ProvidentRetriever @RoadToMustachian @Dr.PI @larix.aurea
I wrote the first post about setting up Portfolio Performance in my blog → Portfolio Performance - VIAC Setup

For now it covers setting up VIAC accounts incl. importing statements to automatically generate transactions as well as setting up the historical price fetching for the underlying funds. In future posts I’ll cover import of IB statements, setting up dashboards and more.

Feel free to share your feedback, experiences or suggestions for future posts here or as a comment directly on my blog.


Thanks a lot, @Burningstone! This is very useful.

The difficulties I am encountering is that Swissquote’s PDFs give error messages (old ones or new ones the same) so I have to create the CSV files from CSV exports myself, which is very tedious and also gives me a lot of error messages.

Another difficulty is that many Swiss or Luxembourg funds are not found on Yahoo Finance, so it’s also very time consuming to find and import historical data.

Did you run into the same problems and did you find solutions?

No, I’m not using Swissquote.

Can you give me some example of funds?

Thanks! I gave it another try, but finally gave up.
There were rounding errors because of the sometimes very small amounts and the import of “tax refunds” in foreign currency failed completely. So too much hassle to import 3 years of transactions for 4 depots.

Yes, for example this one:

CS Fund Lux Bond USD B

Thank you very much for your guide to importing VIAC PDFs into PortfolioPerformance

Unfortunately, as with previous tries on my side, the numbers don’t add up :slight_smile: (i.e. the value of the portfolio don’t correspond with the values aggregated by PortfolioPerformance through the import). What exactly the reason is for that I can’t tell, as I’m too lazy to go through 200+ imported PDFs…

That’s however not a problem with your guide as such.

I’ll take a look at this one, there are many other ways for automatic data feeds such as from data tables from e.g. Morningstar or

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I also have very small amounts for most transactions as I have 4 depots with Global 100 and fill each one up monthly. Over three years I got rounding issues of less than CHF 1.-

Yes, that’s a pain in the a**, unfortunately VIAC is missing some info on the statements for the automatic import to work. That’s the only thing I do manually once a year, it’s tedious for 4 portfolio with 7 foreign securities, but one hour once a year is ok for me. I guess I’ll try to reach out to VIAC at some point and ask if they can adjust the statements.

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I already asked VIAC twice within 3 years interval if they could provide simple CSV exports but to no avail… Finpension does a better job there.

Hi Dimitri

I just did what you described for VIAC.
I get a negative Cash Balance.
Any idea what went wrong?

EDIT: It did not import the initial transfer from a different 3a foundation. I had to enter that one manually. Now it’s OK.

Great that you got it working :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the “tax refunds” mentiobed above, which unfortunately can’t be imported from the statements for securities in foreign currencies.

SMICHA doing its job

This one has been closed in 2018 as far as I can see. Do you have another example of a fund that is still active?

I wrote another post about price feed for securities in Portfolio Performance → Portfolio Performance - Price Feeds for Securities

It shows different ways to get automatic price feeds such as from Morningstar or from a table from a website. Please let me know if you find it helpful or if you still have securities that you can’t incorporate into Portfolio Performance with automatic price feeds.

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I use Portseido, it can sync to Google sheet to log your trades or you can input them in the site. It then do all kinds of analytics and visualization including historical value, performance, dividend etc. quite easy to use and useful

144 USD per year for the Pro version, that’s way too expensive…

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Does anyone struggle also getting market data in their Portfolio Performance or Google Spreadsheet for Swisscanto funds on finpension? Thanks for the help.