Best Mustachian 3a product for Switzerland

I’m just going through the forum to see where you guys put your hard-earned 3a pillar cash.
I’m so far invested in Raiffeisen Pensioninvest Growth and Postfinance 75 in two separate accounts, and while they are easy, they represent the old guard somewhat.

I’ve seen some new fintech products, such as:

Would someone have already done comparison study of the new guys vs the old(er) established products like PF75?

Any added risk as these fintech companies might go bust vs UBS or PF?
Did I miss any good 3a products? I’m sure I did. Please add to the list and I’ll keep expanding the opening post.

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Topic has been discussed numerous times already - please read other threads instead of starting a new one.


@nugget has made a very verbose summary for 3a, but it’s lacking some overview of these products
I’ve now added links to the other product topics, but they are pages and pages long, sometimes 3+ yrs old and it’s hard to dig the information out besides investing a lot of time to swift through the forum.

We could have this topic as a “sticky”, or I’m happy to merge the chapters into nugget’s summary. Probably the latter is better, though.

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I’ll let your read New 3a solution from Finpension
In short, Finpension is the best (for now).


Finpension is the cheapeast. All other providers most expensive.

There are audits and law. But in reality, we don’t know. At Finpension, the assets are with CS.


Do we really need so many 3a threads?


No, the information should be condensed into a wiki. But that would be work and no one is going to do it. Then people complain that there is too much noise. But they fail to notice that people ask those questions because of too much noise, too.

This question is a request to condense presently available information. To reduce the noise you just complain about and in that add to it.


There is a wiki

Would need some update, but we already have a lot of information.

Exactly my point from earlier. I’d be happy to delete this thread and merge the contents into nugget’s topic.


The funds used by frankly from ZKB are now included in the retirement fund comparison, so you can easily compare those to established pillar 3a retirement funds.


No Viac, no finpension.

Why, if I may ask?

(filling my 20 characters)

any suggestions? because they are the best for me at the moment

They’re too recent. Moneyland’s data starts from 2019 and back, depending on the timeframe you select, VIAC or Finpension’s funds didn’t exist. The Swisscanto (CH) Vorsorge Funds 95 Passiv VT CHF (Frankly’s Extreme 95 Index) isn’t there no matter what timeframe you choose.

It’ll get better with time as we start accruing more data.

Edit: it isn’t fully accurate either: Swisslife charges a 2% fee for every deposit you make (at least for the one fund I’ve tried, BVG-Mix 45) that isn’t taken into account. Chances are the fees are underevaluated, which would push VIAC, Finpension and Frankly. even higher if they were there (or fully there for Frankly.).

Just from looking at the inception dates on the factsheets, the funds themselves have been around for years. Some probably longer than Swisscanto’s.


Here’s another current comparison just out

Not too impressed with what products they compare & somewhat uncommon way they compare. They compare the performance of each product to its “benchmark”, so kind of correct, but then one can’t compare the products’ performance amongst each other. Ok, for that comparison they give “points”, but I didn’t spontaneously understand their grading, so I left it. Maybe someone else has more patience.

The ETFs/funds used by Viac (and finpension AFAIK) are not designated retirement funds. They are regular funds just like those you can buy into with a stock broker. In the case of pillar 3a asset management (Viac, finpension), the asset management service partners with a retirement foundation which holds your assets in trust. In the case of a retirement fund (like those in the comparison) the fund manager partners with the retirement foundation.

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Can you name one?

Last time I checked all the funds were available to qualified investors only.

What does that even mean?
Most designated retirements funds are just a packaging of other funds

No withholding tax on dividends (US for example), close to 0% TER.

It just means they have unique ISINs. Otherwise the rules are the same as for other pillar 3a solutions.