Are US ETFs worth the (estate tax) troubles?

It’s a known problem in Switzerland, too. The surviving spouse cannot access funds since the bank blocks the whole account - until the heritage-certificate (Erbenschein) is issued by the court.

The limit is pretty high. ->

Let’s assume you have a joint account, you could withdraw the money with your own account.
How IB would not that one of the two owner is dead?

Not the case with joint accounts, at least with UBS.

Good question. They could ask for joint verification maybe, esp. if it’s a big sum?

I asked a legal firm specialized in US Tax for foreign residents about the cost for filling all forms required for handling estate taxes and they quoted 2000-2500 CHF + VAT.

The cost advantage of US funds over IE funds will bring in more in a relatively short time.

So probably half a day of work for a skilled worker and maybe a full day for a mustachian who has this tutorial: Estate tax treaty US-Switzerland: the final answer about the VT ETF (with the MP family as concrete example) - Mustachian Post

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