App to follow finances

Hello mustachians!

I am looking for a mobile app or online website to track my budget, expanses and investments.

Do you know this « one for all »?
If possible with évolution month by month ?


Expanses :

  • rent
  • internet
  • restaurant

Income :

  • salary
  • sells online


  • 300 chf left for restaurant in November
  • 800 chf by month for groceries


  • 1200.- in actions + 120.- in dividends
  • 2000.- in crypto
  • 40000.- in my 3a


I think it really depends a lot on what you want to get out of it and how “tech savvy” you are.

Personally I use beancount GitHub - beancount/beancount: Beancount: Double-Entry Accounting from Text Files. and fava GitHub - beancount/fava: Fava - web interface for Beancount for it. This is probably something that is rather high on the complexity to setup but also allows for most flexibility.

I’ve used gnucash before and that was basically the app that taught me double booking accounting.

There’s also people using firefly iii active here in the forum.


I’m using a ynab style google calc/libreoffice sheet for budgeting and overview. I thought several times of sharing it here, but never found time to anonymize it. I’ll try this weekend.


Moneywiz is something our family uses

For Android, I’m using MoneyWallet because it’s open source and also available on F-Droid :slight_smile:

But you can find it on the Play Store as well

I don’t track the investments there, though. But for expense / income tracking I like it a lot.

Toshl for detailed expense tracking.
Google sheets for its monthly exports and everything else - NW, investments etc. (as I prefer making my own charts).

(I’ve shared some templates in the corresponding topics)

I’m also an happy user of this tool. Not free (if this was your goal) but reasonably priced.
They were quite active in development until the beginning of this year, now things did slow down as one of the main devs is living in Ukraine.

It can also handle investments but I use it for expenses only so I cannot judge that aspect.


I am personally using Aspire Budgeting, based on google sheets.

The author is not actively developping it anymore since it reached a mature state but as a spreadsheet, it is quite easy to add custom features if needed.

I use it with this mobile app developped by another user.


@weirded @ItalianBiker I have access to Moneywiz via a Setapp subscription. As I use several apps available there, the average cost per app gets really interesting.

I did take a look at MoneyWiz, seems very promising !
I will try today the import from YNAB to MW. It’s the things work correctly, I’ll al happily switch and spare 80 CHF per year !