App to follow finances

I’m using it for ~2 month, so far, all my needs are covered :+1:

But, there’s still a lot of manual work involved: I’d like to have my spendings (95% credit card from Cembra) reflected on a daily basis (to track my spendings vs. a budget). Anyone with an idea to have this automated mostly?

Can’t you import cvs? Does cembra allow csv export?

Yes, csv-import is no question, getting the data is.

Cembra does allow excel/csv-export for the actual billing period (0-31 days) - with delays of 2-3 days from the date of purchase. After, only PDF statements (per billing period) are provided. So not convenient by any means…

I did try the approach in capturing the mobile notification (those are near real time), but I was not able to do this reliably.

Did this ever happen? :sweat_smile:

no, sorry… low time preferences :joy:

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