Anyone investing in Meta

As the title says: It seems someone is betting on Marc leaving…

Are you starting a gossip or is it based from an article ?
Any other fundamental analysis ?

I like Damadoran evaluation exercice:

I guess we could merge it in the thread of stock picking.

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There are rumors on the web. I’ve seen them once I saw that weird uptick on meta’s stock. Apparently a couple of months ago they denied it, but who knows.
He might get bored there and split his toy VR stuff from the Ad-roller.

More likely due to earnings call, cost cutting “success” (“just getting started”) and share buyback news - than that.

At 90 USD it would have been a good deal, right now it’s rather fairly valued on a 3 year horizon.


What website/tool are you using to get that visualization?

The tool is check on YouTube they have some good videos.


Not sure about Marc’s departure, but I should have bought when I wanted to: Is META a good buy right now?

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