Any Stockpickers out there?

Glad to see there are stock pickers on here. My portfolio is also manual picked.

Even Buffett will tell you that you don’t need to be smart to succeed wtih stock investing. In fact, I think the individual investor has several advantages over a professional investor!

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I share the Top 10 in my portfolio. It is rather boring now as I sold quite a lot of my holdings (particularly tech and energy) and moved the proceeds into bonds.

Holding Percentage
Bonds 42.1
BTI 6.6
VIRT 4.7
MMM 4.6
MPW 3.7
KAP.IL 3.6
AWE.L 3.4
VDY.TO 2.6
AMLP 1.9

Invested funds on Friday and Monday. It feels like setting money on fire!

You have to embrace the loss of control. The price for better long term return

Or simply follow “the @Cortana indicator” like the rest of us.


Not bad, it’s already working