Any Stockpickers out there?

I think “illiquid high-yield bond” sums it up nicely.

Not sure where the upside potential is, though - they seem to be paying out most of their profit via the dividend instead of growing their business?

Looks like they IPO’d during the .com bubble but their stock price has been going sideways for the past 20 years.

They’ve also somewhat reliably paid a dividend since 2003 (fluctuating between 13 to 32 cents, with a one time 80 cents payout in 2009 [!]).

FactSet doesn’t have earnings data since 2012. Bloomberg has some EBITDA numbers, but they essentially look like the Operating Cash Flow (i.e. sideways over many years).
They have a very low Leveraged Dept/Capital ratio of <2%.

Here’s the Operating Cash Flow view.

No analysts seem to cover them which is not too much of a surprise given they’re a such a microcap.

They have substantial insider ownership (21.5%) albeit by two insiders only. It looks like instituional ownership increased from 10% to 15%. 63.15% of the owners are individuals.

The top holder is the CEO with 16.4% of the shares, other top holders see here:

All in all not my cup of tea, but thanks for sharing this interesting little company.

It’s actually one in my portfolio, but it is tiny as it is very illiquid. I have a standing sell order to try to get rid of it.

ADM down big today after CFO put on leave, accounting practices investigated, requests from SEC, delayed earnings release, and profit forecast cut.

It’s now down below the price I sold it back in 2021. Down over 16% in pre-market. I picked some up sub-$57. Waiting to see how this reacts as market opens.

HAUTO’s performance continues to suprise me and wish I picked it up earlier than I did. Similarly, for random thought, WWI/WAWI for the same RORO ship and EV transport from China play.

Also sold off half my KAP position today replacing with URNM to diversify a bit since my KAP holding grew a bit too large for a company with a lot of political risk.

Ooh, that’s what I would call a nice drop!

I initially felt tempted to sell some puts on this … but there’s quite an accumulation of red flags … too many, even for my taste. :smiley:

So, turns out my my taste is fluid, even in one evening: I couldn’t resist in the end and sold a $42.5 Sep 24P for ADM for $160 last night.
Today’s the dead-cat-bounce of the underlying.
I’m telling myself this will end well.

This was a lovely read. I bookmarked your blog.

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Instead of buying the Tesla Model 3 and a Nvidia RTX 3090 I should have bought their stocks instead.

Sometimes I‘m wondering why I‘m not investing more in tech companies.

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Same thinking here… AI related stocks like ARM and SMCI are going crazy… I got at least some ARM at the IPO last year but a small amount as I evaluated it quite risky being an IPO.

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Well, beside having two Tesla vehicles I bought some shares at USD 327 each… I think it will take a long time before I see the red disappear :grimacing:

But at least the put I sold last Friday will likely expire worthless this evening !


Holy @SMCI. x10 in just one year. I could already be at my FIRE number with stocks like that :smiley:

The biggest joke is, he’s not even wrong :smiley: There’s more hot air left to pump into this baloon, hair dressers aren’t yet buying nvda calls.


Yeah, totally crazy, and I was watching that one since a year at least where it was around 200-300 USD but I was telling myself hmmmmmm no, to expensive to buy…


So what do we do now? VT and chill till FIRE?

Well that’s what our Investment Policy Statement would say yes :wink: but yeah I already skipped last month monthly buying of VT to buy a fraction of some BTC which I said I would never buy, naughty me.

But at least I allow myself a 5% fun portfolio and I have a bit of margin left there so probably this month I will also skip buying VT to invest more in my fun portfolio.

Some begin to say that this is the start of the bull run :interrobang: If yes, then I want to be at least invested 5% in stocks which can potentially enjoy a nice ride. If it crashes I’ll stick with these stocks because anyway I try to buy companies which I tend to like (e.g. AMD is also on my radar).


Is $NVDA calls a necessary requirement or is the barber outright owning just $NVDA sufficient?

From someone I follow on Twitter:

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This is edging into “you can’t make this sh1t up” territory!

What can one say, the FOMO is strong, I got nVidia at $200, sold at $400 and now can’t bring myself to buy it again at $725…

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I bought SMCI at $12 in 2018 when it was ridiculously cheap. Ask me why I don’t use margin any more.

The value of the SMCI shares that were sold during margin call in 2020 would be worth $3.3m today.

Fun fact: SMCI is responsible for >50% of Russell 2000’s YTD performance! :open_mouth: