Any recommended alternatives of selma/viac/etc.. for Italy?

for my parents I’d like to replace shitty investment (with negative gains) to something with automated and low commission, like Viac/Selma. And also taking care of taxation stuffs…

Any suggestions?

Or if they prefer having a more “serious” investment with some real person to contact, maybe VermögensZentrum.

These are not “Italian” products as requested in the thread title, I fear

I’d search for RoboAdvisor Italia and check out the offers there.

You’ll find stuff such as this:

In your place I’d ask in some Italian forum.

Thank you for replies :smiley:
Does anyone has direct experience with products for Italian market?

Why don’t you ask in the Italian part of this forum? There’s a relevant discussion:

Oh I didn’t fully read the title…

In that case I’ve have heard Italian people talk about Moneyfarm on different forums.

Otherwise I guess is a big one that works in most EU countries.

For the Italian market I think you’d better search/ask on the FOL (finanzaonline) forum which is the most active one. Problem there, you would quickly get lost among the hundreds of pages of the several threads… Maybe try to raise the question and see which answer you get.

I have the impression that this kind of tools is not widely spread in Italy. Instead, they try to push you towards a “human” advisor (with related fees). They also seem to be quite expensive. Moneyfarm seem to take a quite substantial cut without doing really not so much beside providing you the platform…

Otherwise you could investigate with Fineco which - in Italy - seem to be one of the most preferred solution for investing. After a quick research I’ve seen that they have a Replay product where you can define a basket of ETFs and you pay a monthly fee - starting from 2.95 €/month depending of the number of funds you want to have in your basket.

Let us know what you end up with !

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Hi tex91, I hope this thread is still alive. I in Italy used moneyfarm for many years which seemed to me the least worst at the time.
Now it is slightly improved but still remains expensive compared to Spanish or English robo advisors.
It is expensive especially for those who invest less than €20,000.
I tried to see if there were better alternatives, but the sites that make comparisons between robo advisors in Italy like this always end up naming the same 4 or 5 services, all expensive, some with minimum entry limits above 50k.
Also we need to be careful about the funds they use to compose our portfolios. They often sell themselves as the best low-cost robo advisor, but then the funds they include are expensive.
The problem is that I am not constant investing every month in world ETFs.
It is stronger than me.
Now I’ve changed countries, so I’m trying to figure out what’s best for me. That’s why I read good forums like this one to look for first-hand information.