Any experience with Investart?

Anyone with some experience with a new swiss investment tool called “Investart”.

They seem to be an interesting alternative to Yova, Selma, Truewealth, but I found it strange to don’t have any reviews online.

If you have any experience or insights about the tool I would like to hear more -

Thanks for the discovery. If someone can enlighten me about their business model, I’d be very thankful. I can’t find the premium services they claim to make their profits on (is it registered members access only?) and no fees with no outside payments seems particularly hard to pull off, especially since they are offering stamp duty and VAT.

Their model as described seems very hard to sustain to me, though the solution seems nice and intuitive (you have to dig up to get access to any real data, though).

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I contacted them by email previously. They open brokerage accounts for their clients at Interactive Brokers


Company was founded in July 2016 by Marina Korotkow. In December 2019 Richard Thomas Toolen (UK-expat) took over.

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Thank you for your question. We limit the number of new clients to 1’000 a year for the time being because it helps us keep the costs down and pass the cost savings to you in the form of zero commissions.
Best regards
Richard (ceo investart)

Will he attempt to do transaction pooling here?

0 fees indeed sounds too good to be true…

Also, the CHF-hedging responses in the article and comments don’t seem correct to me.

But I am a natural sceptic, let’s see what it brings in the future. :slight_smile:

Edit: Googling Investart just took me to another forum which looks 100% like ours. :grin:
Anyone there?

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I have been recently researching Investart and I am planning to post a full review of the service next month.

Overall, it looks really interesting. It seems well-regulated and actually safe. I started investing a little money into it this month, so very limited experience on my side.

The only thing that is worrying is their young age with zero fees and the risks that this business model does not work in the long-term.


I did an account with them to test, it did not so well, as The Poor Swiss mentioned in the article. The third party identity verification is really a pain but once done it’s forgot. Then I had several issue with my account because I used an alias email (like and it’s linked to the username of the account but if you then change the email address the original one use to open the account stay as username. It’s bit strange and not so clean, imagine you use an email account to register and then don’t have access to it anymore, you will always have to login with this old email address, for people using password manager it might not be a problem but for others it might be annoying.

Once all the problem solved and there is this thing about demo portfolio (by default with 100kCHF) that need to be converted to a real one. When you send money to Interactive Brokers with your IB account reference (the one created by Investart for you, in case you already have another one directly from IB, not my case) it will be visible in your IB (read only) account but in my case it was not invested automatically as it’s suppose to be. They had to solve something manually but again it might be due to my email alias issue.

Now I have my money invested and the demo portfolio with 100kCHF is showing my real assets, it’s just strange that in the history I have fake transaction with a value of 0 that buy and sell asset for the demo (when I was selecting my products) and the value history goes suddenly from 100kCHF to my real amount at the time it was converted to a real account.

This all thing with demo account is somewhat confusing and they should make them totally separated. I even though I add to create a new “non-demo” portfolio to start with I end up with a request to open a second real portfolio in IB, not what I want to do at all.

Now it looks like working fine, I have no money to add in the account, it was just a kind of test and a way to have a first step in investing. I’ll see if I keep it open and add money, maybe until I have 100k to switch to a real IB account. By the way I asked what happen if I want to close my account, if I can convert the IB account to a real one directly controlled by me. The answer was not clear but they said I should open an account at IB directly if it’s what I want to.


Investart send an e-mail today to inform their customer that VT is now available in their platform and are asking which US-based ETF we will enjoy to see in their setup next time.

I’m using their platform just to test how is it:

First of all, I wasn’t really satisfied because of their choices of ETFs weren’t really interesting (cf. the first portofolio). But since they’ve added VT, I’m really asking myself to use their platform until I reach the 100K to use IBKR for “free” :thinking:

I created an account 2 days ago! I hope I can still modify the portfolio before sending the money! My plan was to invest in CHSPI and S&P500. But now why not only VT, or VT+CHSPI.

Tell me if you decide to go for it @Yanikuza :wink:

Hi @thepoorswiss, have you by any chance got around to scan them through? :slight_smile:

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He actually published it on Feb 11 → Investart Review 2021 - Pros And Cons - The Poor Swiss


I think that he already did it: Investart Review 2021 - Pros And Cons - The Poor Swiss

I will see, I already opened an IB account to go further than the demo, and the website and app platform are quite straightforward in comparison of what all people seems to say about the difficulty to handle IB Interface. If you are just looking as a passiv investor, it’s quite an easy web interface.

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When do you plan to reach 100k ? How much do you invest each month?

The safest option would be to go with IB, even with more fees
Do we know how much money Investart manage?

Investart open an IB account for you (that is view only for you) and manager the buy and sell of ETF for you automatically. And you don’t pay the 120/yr fee even below 100k (I guess they have a special deal with them for managing several customers).
The only open question is if you later want to open directly an account at IB that you can control and close your Investart account, if it’s possible to transfer the ETF between the two IB accounts, I guess it’s possible, maybe with some fees. So if you don’t plan to reach 100k in the next couple of years I won’t see why not start with Investart and save some fee, or just stay with them as long as you just invest in ETF they have in their interface, why bother with IB? To save a little with limit buy/sell?

Since I will start a “new formation” as a trainee lawyer, I will not reach the 100K before 2 or 3 years.

I used to invest between 1’000 - 2’000 CHF each month, but I will probably invest 1’000 CHF each months. Or lump sum each 3 months.

This is exactly why I didn’t open an account yet because I can handle to pay some fees with IBKR and this is not really a problem (120 CHF per year is not a big deal sincerely; I’ve paid this with my previous UBS account).

What matter the most for me is to have the control of my investment. Currently, I am experiencing the withdrawal of my investment in 2020 with Selma. They were really fast to answer my request to sell all my position and to withdraw the result of the selling. However, it took a lot of time because they have to contact someone different from the one who sell my positions. Then, they have to send me a document that I had to sign to allow the withdrawal. Then, they have to send this confirmation to Saxo Bank and finaly it will take 2-3 business day to transfert the money to my bank account. It can take like 1 week to do all of this…

Instead, I supposed that if I would have used IB, it would take me like 1 or 2 days…


Thanks :slight_smile:

One thing that is missing from the review: They just added support for U.S. ETFs! VT is now available :slight_smile:


exactly. it also took me around 1 week to withdraw from Selma. With IB 1 day…

Investart have some trouble with the new IB API, if you tried to buy VT even right after the email announcement, you might still not have it on your account due to the technical issue. I hope it will be solved soon.

If everything is free at Investart, is this finally the Swiss equivalent of free ETF Savings plans (Sparplans) that other nations (Germany, US, Italy, …) have been enjoying for years? If it is, it could be a major market disruptor to established Swiss brokers who always charge unnecessary service/management fees.

One major advantage of ETF Sparplans beside being free is that it’s all done automatically for you. Meaning you don’t have to EVER login to their interface and make the purchase manually. You just choose the ETF, set the monthly amount and broker invests this amount automatically for you. Of course you have to set up a standing order from your bank to the brokerage account first. Can somebody check if this scenario is possible with the VT ETF in Investart?

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