AMEX Credit card from Swisscard with 1% cashback

Here: Cashback Cards free credit cards with 1% cashback

I know…you might be thinking about that other credit card from the same guys. That one offers 0.5% this year and 0.25% the following years. Apparently Swisscard has another card with 1%. It’s an american express card though.

just dont ever use it outside Switzerland as the foreign currency charge is 2.5%


Revolut to the rescue :slight_smile:

Also remember that those cards can psychologically trick you into spending more :wink:

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One thing to notice here is that Revolut top-ups done with the 0.25% cashback MasterCard card from Swisscard are (so far) free, and do give a cashback.


Only Mastercard or also Visa?

My Visa is still from when there was no cashback, and there are no charges.
I don’t know anything about cashback Visa (0.25%), nor the new cashback cards (set of MC/Visa 0.2% + Amex 1%)

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I’m really happy with the American Express Cashback Card ( 1% cashback ), but I use it only in switzerland.

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What is the difference?

What do you mean with that? I would like to know if the topup trick works with Visa as well…

I received an American Express and a MasterCard. With the Amex I got 5% back for the first 3 months (though is not as widely accepted as the MasterCard, i.e., you can’t charge revolution with it), now I get 1% with both.

I don’t think you get 1% on both. It’s supposed to be 1% on the Amex and 0.2% on Mastercard/Visa.

That’s why they say up to 1% in their advertisements, only Amex get 1%.

That’s what’s explained on if you expand AN OVERVIEW OF CARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

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Ah! You are right. In that case better use the cashback visa (0.5%) when the amex is not accepted.


I mean what is the difference of having a visa or a MasterCard. For me it’s pretty much the same

Just try to book a flight and you’ll see the difference, as long as you use online agencies. You can even see the difference on if you change your method of payment between visa credit and mastercard credit.

Really? In Europe?
For me Visa & Mastercard are also essentially the same. Flights I usually book directly with an airline, and I’ve never noticed a difference acc. to payment method V or MC.

Yes, you can check many of those sketchy and nonsketchy site that buy ticket in bulk and resell them at a discount (or not) and try to make a living by adding options…or asking more for a different credit card.
You miss something if you always buy directly from airlines. I buy from the cheapest but non-scammy sites. Have a look on seems to have a difference between Visa and Mastercard, but not always.

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and everything depends a lot where you were forwarded from. I remember having checked years ago the difference of entering in my browser and being forwarded from the discount was about 20 to 30 EUR per flight (short trips in europe) and did always only apply with a certain card (however one day with mastercard, the next day with visa)

but mustachian ways to book a flight is a completely different story.


Talking about Revolut top up…
Did anyone try yet to top up Revolut with CashBack Amex using Apple or Google pay?
I know Amex is not directly supported by Revolut, but I’m assuming it might work using an third party middle man no?

I don’t have Amex so cannot say for sure, but most probably ApplePay with Amex is blocked on Revolut side (they block some other cards also).

On the other hand, the top-up with Swisscard CashBack Credit Card (MasterCard for sure) works very well :slight_smile: