Alpian - New Private Banking Fintech in Switzerland

The number of customers doubled to several thousand in the first four months of the year.

Yeah, no wonder, they are advertizing e.g. on,, through television and they had couple of promos on (e.g. CHF 120.- free + 12 months free bank account).

Would be interesting to know, how much money from the investors are alredy gone due this marketing gag - and why they chose for example the above mentioned channels.

My thoughts exactly. Assuming an optimistic return of 1% on client assets the current AUM of 100 mio would give Alpian only 1 mio return per year. After 2 years in operation! No wonder they need a lot of money to fund growth. I once came to the conclusion that 1 bn AUM is the bare minimum amount to run a small bank.

I don’t think their business model will work.
Currently, they have 70 employees, let’s assume each employees cost 120k (so a salary around 105k, which is already low for bank employees). The company is already burning 9 millions a year in salary.
Then there are software cost, office, marketing ect.
So to reach break even, they will need a lot of client and AUM.

Also when the clients will need to pay 15.- a month after the 6 months, most of them will leave the bank.


I don’t think anyone needs 70 employees to run a 100MM portfolio. They must be doing other things as well.

Finpension manages 2.4 billion with 25 employees.


Finpension is not a bank. The compliance and complexity between a bank and an asset manager is big.
It’s really two different world.

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Okay. I saw somewhere an assumption that they make 1% from AUM . That’s why I thought we are comparing asset management business.

Bank makes 1% return on the AUM?