24/11/18 Meetup in Zürich => 14:00 at Kennedy's Pub


Sorry folks, I couldn’t come. I got sick. :frowning:


Thanks @Julianek for organizing. I enjoyed spending these couple of hours with you guys!! (Michael - french)


Really good to meet up with everyone, thanks to @Julianek for organising and everyone who made it. Coming from Lausanne for this may not sound like the most “Mustachian” thing…but I’ve certainly saved more than my 59.- train ticket for today from what I’ve picked up from the forum over 2018. :slight_smile:



Thanks @Julianek for organizing the event - I really enjoyed meeting everybody!
(I would have liked to have stayed longer but unfortunately I had to leave due to family reasons)
I would gladly come to the next meeting - it there is one. For the time being I am very much looking forward to getting to know everybody a little better over the forum. There is power in numbers, so if we can all feed off of each others knowledge and experiences, then I am sure it will enable us all reach FIRE that little bit sooner.


Thanks to all for coming this afternoon, it was really great to see people from a lot of different horizon sharing their experiences! So really, thank you all :slight_smile:

What I am really proud of is that there were as well many younger persons present this afternoon - to whom I can only say: man, I wish I knew everything you already know when I was your age… knowing all those stuffs being twenty-something would have made my life so much easier :smiley:


Thanks for organizing, Julianek and thanks to other guys for coming, especially the ones who had quite a long ride.


Another thanks from my side as well, it was a pleasure to meet all of you! See you soon again :wink:


Thanks to @Julianek and to everybody for the short (in my case) but intense meeting… and, actually… can’t wait for another one! :smile:


It was great to meet you guys, thanks Julian for organizing. Already looking forward to the next one!


Sorry about not turning up :frowning: Had to babysit due to emergency


Also apologies from my side. Maybe next time!