24/11/18 Meetup in Zürich => 14:00 at Kennedy's Pub


Well it looks like most people prefer to meet next week on November 24th, so let’s settle on this date.

Now let’s choose a place!

Option A: If any of you has an apartment in Zürich big enough to host the meeting (everybody brings snacks/food/drinks) and would be glad to do so, it is the moment to stand up and raise your arm :slight_smile:

Option B: If nobody can host the meeting we will find a pub centrally located in Zürich.


I’m for option B, but I don’t know any good mustachian pubs in Zurich - all of them are damn expensive! :slight_smile:


I almost missed it! I’m in on 24.11, I just hope I’ll get my Halbtax by then.
Option A seems to have more advantages (so I vote for it), but of course it’s always easier said than done and it takes a real hero :smiley:


If we go for option B, it would be nice to have a place that is not crowded where you can hear each other well or with space to move around. It would be a bit sad IMO if people just sat at 3 different tables, got a beer and just stayed like this.

For networking and more efficient information exchange option A would be better, but I’m not sure if we will find a hero, who will accept a dozen strangers into their home :smiley:


I’m also voting for option B and Bojack’s points, although I don’t know many places in ZH. Option A takes a real hero


Voting for option B.
I had some meetups in Restaurant Imagine in the Train Mainstation; obviously very central, they have drinks and food.


Great idea for the meeting.

I have a date in the evening in Lucerne but when the meet-up starts at early afternoon (13/14:00) I am in.

For location:
Imagine Restaurant (directly inside Zurich main station) - is easy for people to find who come from outside Zurich. There is always enough room to sit, even for more people and it is quiet there and prices afforable.


Count me in!
What time on the 24th? and where? (Imagine restaurant is good for me)


Ok it looks like Imagine Restaurant (inside Zürich Hauptbahnhof) is a good choice indeed! Central and easy to find.

Let’s start early in the afternoon and make it at 14:00. I will do a reservation during the week.

Looking forward to seeing you all next Saturday!


Just discovered the blog today - count me in :slight_smile: great reads so far which are also in line with my personal views on frugality and financial freedom. So I’m looking forward to meet you there then!


Unfortunately I can’t between 13-17…but wish you all lots of fun


Cool! I’m in! :slight_smile:


I’m also in!

@Julianek Wonderfull initiative and Organisation! :clap::clap::clap:


Ok, on that Saturday I will probably only be able to drop by shortly, since I’m with my smaller one, but still would love to quickly say hello. A real encounter in this virtual times with lots of media and not real social cannot be missed! :laughing:


Great! Looking forward to next Saturday.


16 people! Wow, this is gonna be a small party!


Important Update:

I contacted Imagine Restaurant to make a reservation and they told me they are closed due to a private event on Saturday. I looked for another pub around Hauptbahnhof, and I found Kennedy’s pub.

So I made a reservation for 15-20 people on Saturday at 14:00 at Kennedy’s. The reservation is made under “Julian” name.

See you all there!


Sory guys, I’m Jaime, jj on doodle. I have a trip and won’t be here this weekend; can’t attend.

Really unfortunate; this place is a gold mine. :slight_smile:
Take care people!



Looks like I will be coming too. Is anyone else come from Lausanne direction by any chance?


See you all this afternoon at Kennedy’s pub, 14:00!

Looking forward to meeting you all!