24/11/18 Meetup in Zürich => 14:00 at Kennedy's Pub


Already three times this week that people are asking for a Meetup, and nobody took the initiative to open a dedicated topic. So here it is :slight_smile: : the next Mustachian Zürich Meetup!

Who’d be joining?

EDIT: Choose your meeting date in the below poll

EDIT2: Date has been chosen : Saturday, November 24th at 2 pm

EDIT3 : the place has been chosen and it is going to be Kennedy’s Pub, not far from Zürich Hauptbahnhof. Let’s meet there!


uhm. bad timing.
It’s Black Friday/Weekend and some people might go shopping.
(I bought my eyeglassses with a 50% discount ! )


Fine, let’s do it a week earlier then. What about Saturday 17th?


Awesome, I’m definitely in! Do we have a location in mind?


I won’t be around on the 17 November but let me know if you decide to change the date. I would be happy to join :slight_smile:


I might join too :slight_smile: Where are we thinking of meeting?


I guess the location will depend on the number of people joining. Hosting 5 people can be done anywhere, hosting 25 people is a different animal :wink:


What kind of meeting are we talking about?


And what time are you guys planning to meet? I’m not from ZRH and could only be available in the evening that day.


I’ll be there as well!


fair enough. pubs should be good, I guess


I have plans to go hiking for 2 days but when weather is bad I would love to join.


I would love to join on the 17.


Oh what a pity, I cannot join on the 17th of November :neutral_face:
Maybe next time… But I’ll stay here informed, maybe changes the date.


What about time and place? I will be busy, but can drop in for a moment.


Ok, so it seems that there are roughly 12 people interested in the Meetup, but not everybody can join on the 17th, so let’s vote for the most convenient date:

For the place, either one of us can host the meeting (each participant brings his own snacks/food), or if not possible we will go to a pub.

Such meetings used to start around 14h-15h in the past, so let’s start on the same basis :slight_smile:


uhm cool! I’d definitely try to come! :slight_smile:


I am in on the 17th in ZH


and I think we should get it started this Saturday and then plan for a next one…other’s will join next time…


Damn i missed this call for dates. But I voted now for December as nov 17 im in Paris :confused: