2 pillar compte de libre passage

Dear all,

I have an account “libre passage” at UBS. It’s my 2 pillar money as I am a full-time mum now.
UBS has just informed me that they will charge me even more monthly than now from the 1st of Jan.

I do not think it’s the best place for my money as the performance is not great (do not know exactly, just asked for details) and additional charges are just not appropriate I think

So my question for you: do you know the best, mustachian way institution for “libre passage” account.

Will be grateful for your advice and help

thank you



I would like to share my experience with my institution of the vested benefits. As I’m unfortunately between job because of the covid-19, I’m using VIAC Vested benefits solution with two strategies : VIAC 80 Global and VIAC 100 Global, as of today I have “earned” +200 CHF. I’m a quite satisfied of their services and they have different strategies between 0% up to 100% equity investment and between 3 differents assests strategies : Global, Swiss or Sustainable. You can change every month your strategy in order to follow your risk tolerance.

Other people in this forum would probably also advice you to go with Value Pension which offer a similar services as VIAC with differents strategies. It will up to you to chose which one will suits you the best.

Both of them have cheaper commission fee in comparison to UBS.


thank you very much Yanikuza
highly appreciate your reply

@OMP make sure you understand what you invest in vs. your risk profile. E.g. VIAC 80 will be fairly volatile so while long term there’s a good chance to have some good gains, there will most likely be some large losses (hopefully temporary) as well (losing 20% or more of the value).


If you expect to become employed by a Swiss employer soon (within a year or so), then you should avoid investment solutions, in my opinion. When you become employed again, you will have to transfer your vested benefits out of the investment solution and into your new occupational pension fund. The chance of your being forced to exit your positions during a dip and making a sizeable loss is very high.

A vested benefits account makes a lot more sense for in-betweeners. You can find the current highest-yield account and information about possible fees using this comparison:

If you expect to become employed again soon, then the effort of opening a higher-yield account and having your benefits transferred may not be worth your time.

If you expect to hold your vested benefits for a long time (i.e. you are moving to an EU or EFTA country and your benefits will sit here until you retire), an investment solution like Viac or Valuepension will likely deliver higher returns than an account.


Dear Daniel,

thank you very much for your reply and info, really helpful

thank you

There is also Descartes Vorsorge, which cooperates with UVSZ in Schwyz. And they are considerably cheaper than traditional banks like UBS or Credit Suisse.

As the funds are booked with a foundation in Schwyz, you can invest both the mandatory and extra-mandatory parts with 100% equity. This is not the case with Viac.

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