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Check out gen.lib.rus.ec, the only library i need

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Or libgen.io - easier to memorize.



I mostly use Exsila to trade my old books and CDs to the ones in which I am currently interested (at the moment mostly children books for my daughter).
It’s nice to not throw away my old stuff. At the same time I get the old stuff from others that I would need to buy.

Unfortunately, there are not too many English books on it but I hope that might change with some time.

If you are interested, you can use my referral link to get some starting balance:

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MMM got divorced and wrote an excellent post about it:



I got a PM question about ETFs allocation and here’s my answer:

I decided to go with VT with $10/month at IB because I already had some savings and I was committed to get to 100k within a year. If I started from zero and didn’t have other, more important obligations (family, work), I’d go with the combination of funds recommended by @glina, China funds that he recommends, and perhaps @Julianek’s value investing strategies in some part of my portfolio. If I had even more time, I’d get interested in algo trading on options. It all depends on your priorities, free time and motivation. I decided to go the simple way to have more time and attention for other things.