Zurich Mustachian Meetups (updated)

Make that 25. Zurich is not that far for a little trip :slight_smile:

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32 registered? Wow… that’s a lot people.

Dear Mustachians,

The Doodle has been closed, and the final option is the 21st of November, Thursday!
Save the date, and I’m looking forward to see you again at The Green Room, Zurich Limmatplatz. We’re 33 of us, who attended! WOW!!!

I’ll talk to The Green Room to organize us a separate room, to have our Meetup more focused on our group :wink:

Mr.P :hot_pepper:


Hello everyone,

I just missed the Doodle announcement. Can I still join the meetup on 21 Nov?


I have a meeting in ZH on Friday, if I can manage to arrive already on Thursday evening I’ll join

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Sure! Everybody is welcome!

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Wow separate room. Fancy :tada::blush:

I called them, and tried to do my best. Reservation is done, hopefully in their event room. I think at this amount of attendees, is important to have enough room for our conversations, and keep the meetup on an enjoyable level :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about one or two focus topics, when you are interested. Any ideas, questions from your everyday mustachian life? Let me know, maybe we can set a focus and some presentation for our event.

I’m wondering if any of You would like to present some non-commercial topic, and start an interesting discussion about it! Drop me a pm if some of you’d be interested.


  • broker platforms and experiences
  • etf strategies for a swiss mustachian
  • tax optimization hacks, tipps
  • experiences in Swiss p2p investing
  • real estate investment on the Swiss market (why and how to start)

I don’t have overall experience in all of the topics above, these are only draft ideas.

Mr.P :hot_pepper:


Unfortunately that day I have another meeting+dinner :frowning:

Dear Zurich Meetup attendee Mustachians :man:t2:

I was yesterday in The Green Room, and everything is fine with our Meetup on this Thursday :wink: Unfortunately the separated room (which I was thinking about) is more a separated area, but they are waiting for us!

So please don’t forget the Meetup, and I hope we will see all of us there!

See you, and have a nice Wednes&ThursDAY :smiley:
Mr.P. :hot_pepper:


Unfortunately I won‘t be able to make it today, due to unforeseen circumstances. Though as I already see people above „ready to take my place“, I hope there’s no shortage of attendees.

Above all, I hope you guys have a great time!

Still possible to join?

I’ll be coming by train arriving in Zurich HB at 17h30. Anybody else arriving around that time willing to meet up already there?

I’m planning to arrive short after 17:30 :clock530:

See you soon!

Until what time do you think you’ll be there? I might be able to come only at around 10pm.

I’m not sure if the meetup will last that late, but let’s see :wink:
Last time we broke up around 8:30-9:00pm

I hardly ever leave a pub before 10pm, but since I’m coming from far far away, I will need to catch the train already before 10pm.

Well guys & girls: the Meetup is open end!!! :clinking_glasses:

Looking forward to meeting many of you, it will be my first Mustachian (FIRE) meet up ever!

Anybody knows a good place to park next to the pub? I’m coming from a customer in St. Gallen with the car, so I won’t be able to use public transport today.

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