Zürich January 2020

Dear fellow Mustachians.

2020 has begun, and I am sure we all made our big resolutions for the upcoming year! :fireworks:

Budgets are set, saving and investing modes are on FIRE :fire:

How about to meet each other in Zürich and share ideas, get to know each other?

I suggest meeting for after work drinks! :tropical_drink: :beer:

I leave you the doodle for some possible dates here below:


Hello group!

thanks for participating in the poll, we will meet on the 23th January at the Clouds Bistro, on the 35th Floor of Prime Tower, next to Bahnhof Hardbrücke. Until now we are 6 people, but feel free to Join us anytime!

Link to the Event

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I arrived a bit early, sitting at the round tables directly at the entrance of the bistro

Thanks demian91 for the organisation! And thanks everyone for the nice evening and interesting discussions. Looking forward to meet again!

hey demian91, when will be the next meeting in Zurich? :smile:

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