Zurich Invest 100% equity 3rd pillar

Hi Mustachians,
Has everyone tried the 3rd pillar solution from Zurich Versicherung?
There seems to be a 100% equity solution. I was wondering how it compares to VIAC…

100% stock, TER of 1.28%, so 3x more expensive than VIAC


These are the underlying funds used → Retail funds | UBS

The TER is extremly high as lots of fees are paid for the whole distribution channel of insurance brokers/agents.
Not competitive at all compared to VIAC, finpension, etc.


Yes, but it’s a whitelabeling solution from UBS. Underlying to these “investment strategies” im the factsheet you linked are the Target Investment Funds that I linked. UBS is the fund management company and Zurich Invest is the sponsor.
Btw, I designed and produced this factsheet in the past :slight_smile:


Thanks! That’s interesting, I couldn’t find the info.
I was interested in it because we may get special conditions (as employees) and because it didn’t seem to have a life insurance attached to it. But indeed, even with special conditions it would probably turn out worse than VIAC…

Stay away from any retail investment product offered by an insurance company.

Can’t help but think (again) that that’s a good rule of thumb to live by.
And don’t get bundled or intermingled with risk insurance either.
They’re probably expensive it not flat out screwing you over.
(That’s not to say that risk insurance doesn’t make sense)


I’m an employee as well, but I don’t use it.

I really like the concept of Zurich Invest, and for pension funds they offer very good products in the alternative range (infrastructure and private equity), however for retail retirement funds, the agents/broker layer is just too expensive to be competitive.