Zug Meetup 10.06.2017


As I mentioned in other thread, I’d like to organise a meetup in Zug next Saturday. Everyone is invited!

I’m not sure yet where we’re going to meet - there’re few nice pubs in Zug and maybe my flat is an option, but it’s pretty smalish. All good mustachians are welcome and all good meetup ideas are welcome as well. :slight_smile:

  • I’m in! :slight_smile:
  • Next time. :disappointed:

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In Munich this weekend. If you end up making this a more regular meet up, I’d happily join you!


Awesome! Looking forward to meet you!

Not sure yet how much time I’ll have for that, as I’ll have a baby in two-three weeks, but I was thinking about organising a “frugal coffee” or a “frugal beer” once in a while. Depending on how many people will be interested, at some point, we could get more people into it from meetup.com or facebook and convert them into Mustachianism. Let the cult grow! :smiley:


My wife and I are planning to come - we are also living in Zug area. I hope it doesn’t start too early in the afternoon :wink:
If the weather is good, we could also grab some cold beers and meet at the lake.


That was my initial plan - hot coffee or cold beer at the lake. What time would be best for you?


Please guys choose prefered hours in the pool:

  • 09:00
  • 10:00
  • 11:00
  • 12:00
  • 13:00
  • 14:00
  • 15:00
  • 16:00
  • 17:00
  • 18:00
  • 19:00
  • 20:00
  • 21:00
  • 22:00
  • 23:00

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Hoi People!

Initially I was planning to organise the meeting around noon on Saturday, but I’ve just discovered that there’s a Velobörse this Saturday in Zurich and I need a bike badly. Soooo, I’d suggest meeting in the late afternoon / early evening for a beer at the lake or in a pub. What would you say?



i already opt out: weather is going to be gorgeous, we will be up mountaineering :slight_smile:


I hope to see you next time then! :slight_smile:


yes, definately! i will be there!


Hey Guys,

I finally agreed with @lexandro to schedule a meeting at 16:00. Anybody is free to join, and if you can’t meet at 16:00, let me know what hour suits you better. I can meet with you anytime later as well.



Hi Mustachians,

We meet tomorrow at 16:00 in the front of the entrance to Migros in Metalli (right here). Please join us, if you’d like. I guess we will grab some beer/coffee and head towards the lake (somewhere here). If you need my number to contact me, please send me a private message.

@Julianek, @Xeno - will you join us tomorrow?



Yup, I’m still in :slight_smile:


Awesome! So it seems there will be at least 5 people! See you tomorrow!

PS. It sucks that organising a meetup at meetup.com is paid! $3-$5 a month! Well, I guess I’ll start with a FB group. Do you have any other good ideas how we could grow our meetup (cheaply)? :slight_smile:


Thanks @Julianek and @lexandro for the meeting! It was short, but awesome! I hope next time @Xeno and @nugget and others will join us at the lovely Zuger lake. :slight_smile:


sure! but this time, leveraging on he good weather was of primal importance :smiley:


I use doodle.com for that, completely free.