ZKB: is the account balance stated in csv statements?

Hi all
I consider adding ZKB to my Banking providers. one crucial thing for me is that the csv account statements include both the transactions and at least one balance statement for each month.
Could someone already having the ZKB banking confirm or disprove?

A good example from postfinance is the csv export of the checkings account, which has the balance/ Saldo once for every day:

Postfinance has also the bad example, where for the credit card statement, they removed this information lasst summer :confused:

Thanks for any info!

Here is an example of a CSV extract:

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@PoopSmellsLikeMe I guess the column “Saldo CHF” is empty because you scrubbed private data, rather than it being shipped empty?

Does this also hold for the credit card statements?

The “Saldo CHF” column contains data and is not empty.

Regarding credit card statements, there is no option to export the transactions in a CSV format. I have the platinum package and received the Viseca platinum card, but I’m uncertain about other credit cards from different packages.

For the viseca there is this tool: GitHub - anothertobi/viseca-exporter: Gets transactions as CSV and other data from Viseca One

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