Zerte's introduction to the Mustachian Club

Hello Mustachians,
I’m Zerte, a proto-Mustachian with some white hair in the mustache (not that bad currently, can still count them).
Since I like repairing things, riding a bike and appreciating the small things in life, especially walking barefoot on stones warmed by the sun, I’ve become an accidental “extreme saver” from the first centime/Rappen.
I am Swiss - so no expat experience, except moving from the French-speaking part to the German-speaking part :wink: .
I work in Zurich in the reinsurance sector (after 2 years in the pensions funds area).
The nickname originates from “Sur l’île des Zertes”, a children’s book.


Welcome to the forum a Mustachian with a real mustache! :smiley:

Hello fellow brother :slight_smile: