Zak. what are you doing

I just received a marketing email from Zak about “summer deals”… uh? a bit late?
The kicker? They give away Galaxus vouchers if you spend more than 100chf before the end of …august.

Did someone forget to send the email 2 months ago?


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Maybe you forgot to read their email from 7 weeks ago.
I received an email with this promotion on july 6, 2020 (and again today).

My point still stands though. :slight_smile:

I’ve only consciously read about that promo today too. However I’m not using Zak actively at this point.

Well they might send the same promo more than once, but if it’s going to end soon, write a new email with something like “hurry up, you have x days left” or something.

Anyway I think they save money on their marketing/translation departement from what I saw.